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Newbie to the forum - where to get peak flow meter

I have only been diagnosed officially with asthma today although have been on inhalers for about 6 months..

My question is, I'd like to monitor my peak flow but didn't think to ask for a prescription for a meter as thought I'd be able to buy it cheap enough anyway..

Anyway, struggling to find one and wondered if anyone has bought one from local pharmacy/online fairly cheaply or should I just ask for a prescription?

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hi and Welcome.

you can get then from your docs on perscription and also buy them on line etc.

if you have a pre payment certiff better from the docs.

if you have to pay for each item then wouldnt hurt googling round to

see if can get it cheaper on line xxx


hi, your asthma nurse at your gp surgery or your consultant should be able to provide you with a free one. it is a really good idea to monitor your peak flow and they usually provide a booklet to keep a record so that you can pinpoint when and what causes attacks. good luck x


Hmm, had my spirometry test (with reversability) this morning which confirmed things. She mentioned before the test that if it didn't confirm things they would give me a 'script' for a meter to use over a few weeks/month to see how I was doing.

As the results confirms it (40% increase in volume, 20% increase in the forced bit ) she didn't give me it but I figured I'd like to monitor it anyway...

I assumed i'd be able to find it cheaper than the script charge online, after all , it's pretty much a tube of plastic right?! but seems not.

Not sure if I'll come over as a bit hypo if I phone and ask for a script for one.....

As for pre-payment. Not sure if it's worth getting one or not. Spent a small fortune on prescriptions at the start of the year (3 lots antibiotics, 2 different inhalers and a spacer) and recently got 2 more inhalers (brown and blue) but don't anticipate 'lots' more this year and i've missed the boat on the ones I already had.... Might be worth it at the start of the winter tho eh...

editted to add: free from asthma nurse!!? Think she was the asthma nurse but got impression i'd have to pay for it...


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