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Would you see an asthma nurse for this?

Oki, so i've been keeping a PF diary for a little while now and have what I consider to be mild asthma.

The past week or so following a cold (first since being on the inhalers and really wasn't that bad, nice change) my PF's have been around the 500 mark (morning and evening).

My personal best is 570 (on my pf meter) or 620 (on spiro post neb), but to note, I had used my ventolin a couple of times at least during the day of my personal best on my PF meter.

I find if I use ventolin in the day my evening PF (and therefore better PF) is much better.. I've not been using that much ventolin recently and hence why I think my PF's are down a bit....

Lastly, when doing my PF's I feel like I should be able to take a deeper breath than I can and defnitely wheeze on forced breathe out. Will the wheeze ever go, or is it something that I should consider normal now.. i.e. I have asthma, I will wheeze..?

Am on 2 x 200 clenil modulite, am and pm, with the thought that I could lower this dose as things stabilised...

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I'm newly diagnosed too so I have exactly the same thoughts.

My personal best PF is 550 but is usually only achieved after I've used the blue inhaler for exercise. At the moment I'm getting a bit more control so it tends to bumble around 480-510 but am using ventolin 2-3 times a day.

I used to find that if I did a big blow on the PF meter I'd 'bark' but that tends to happen less now. I do find that I am using my stomach muscles when I puff out though and I'm not sure if this is right? Should I just be using my lungs if you know what I mean.

I am getting the asthma nurse to ring me this afternoon, as I'm getting some, but not enough control from my Seratide but I didn't want to take up an appointment slot to discuss it. I'm hoping she can suggest something over the phone so I can try it before I have my review appointment next week. Maybe you could try ringing yours if you have any queries?

Hope you get your questions answered xxx


Ditto with the barking! It was embarrasing when I was doing that at the spiro and it happens less now (think it was cos I was mucousy still following a cold).

I don't feel mucousy at the moment which is good tho still coughing sporadically, but a definite wheeze which makes me sound like an old smoker!! LOL

I feel tired quite often and wonder if me old lungs worked better I'd maybe feel more spritely! lol


I don't often have a problem with wheezing, its only ever really quite when it does happen. Do the inhalers not help with the wheezing? Maybe you should discuss with the nurse/GP?

I agree, I'm tired all the time and have for months, and I wondered if its down to the extra effort my lungs have been putting in while I thought it was just normal!!

Its a big old voyage of discovery this asthma malarkey isn't it!!! At least we're not alone!


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