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raising money for asthma

Hi me and my mum was talking and we thought it would be a great idea to open some asthma uk charity shop to raise money for people needed new asthma drugs, but the charity shop doesnt have to be like any other we was thinking about designer clothes one and applying to desiner companys and celebritys asking them to donate.

I would be grateful if you could tell me if you think its a good idea so i can raise the question when i go to a asthma uk meeting. Thanks sophie

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sophie, that's a fantastic idea!!! (as he throws wig high up in the air).

I could even donate some o' ma wigs.

Take hair,



It's a great idea to have something different from regular charity shops - we have 9 charity shops in my home town (and it's not a very big town by any means) and they are all pretty much the same in what they sell. Making one that stands out from the crowd is certainly a good plan.


that's a great idea, definitely go for it!

:) Brynne


Do it it sounds like a really good idea!!

Good luck with your idea



Thats a kwel idea, it would do realy well



My dad was put onto this website through the Royal British Legion. If you are moving house then you can use one of the registered estate agents and a proportion of the fee goes to your nominated charity, e.g Asthma UK. The website is



My brother is doing a sponsered parachute jump on 14/5 in aid of AUK, if anyone wants to sponser him then please mesage me and i can pass on yr details



Thanz for you replies, unfortunatly asthma uk hasnt gt the money to run a shop, but i am still going to funraise in other ways. any ideas on what i could do


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