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Is anyone else on Xolair now?

Hi All,

just wanted to see how anybody else is doing on Xolair?

My daughters just had her 7th injection and we were now off

Pred (yipee......)but alas a little cough turned into yip you guessed it

more Asthmatic symptons and bang were back on the pred....

So I'm trying not to be to disheartened and seeing this as a temp set back

Were not really seeing any benefit from Xolair alone (we only had 2 weeks free of pred)

(Well apart from being able to yawn and hiccup without having attack)

Im sure well be off it soon as weve got our review in late Oct.

So maybe the best we can hope for is to

stay on a maintenace dose of pred of under 7.5 daily, which may allow her

body to get back to ""normal"" and be out of the Adrenal Insufficient category.

So it maybe back to the drawing board for a wee while but hopefully summer

coming things may be better than last year.

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Hi,I.m about to have my 6th injection,and although still on the pred-7.5 also,things have improved so much,I was on 60mg doses regularly with only a few weeks before it all started up again,and my quality of life has improved so much ,still have symptems ,but its not ruling my life,have had 3 chest infections that didnt need increased pred and 1 episode of asthma after the second injection that did,but that responded straight away to the medication,which before xolair it seemed that nothing would work,consultant said to not reduce pred until december,so steadily onwards and upwards!fingers crossed!!!

Hope that this was a temporary blip for your daughter and that things improve for her,



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