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Will this ever end!!

My 12 yr old daughter who has brittle Asthma is currently in hospital (3rd time in the last year)

admitted the other night as a viral throat infection excerbated her asthma.

The Respitory team @ the childrens Hospital decided to administer Aminophylline via IV line.(More commonly used in ICU cases)

Blood test were taken prior and she was hooked up to heart monitor etc and monitored very well, she was better after it but still had the wheeze but seemed more ""stable"". Dr stated that the effects are much like pred and will remain in the system for days/weeks.

Does anyone else have experience with this drug?

Worried that the pred is becoming less effective in the long term and her body is becoming dependant and we are on this never ending wheel of pred month after month.

Her body is showing signs of pred side effects also.

(p.s live in Australia, in the uk it may be know as some other name poss)

Any advice thoughts would be appreciated.


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Sorry your daughter is so poorly... hope she feels much better soon. I have had IV aminophylline many times am adult now, but the first time I was given it was when I was 15 after asthma deteriorated after appendix operation. Aminophyline is a bronchodilator rather than a steroid like pred. It does have some side affects but they come as the levels become too high rather than at theraputic levels. It is usual to have blood levels checked and I am often monitored when on it. One thing I find is that it can make me feel queasy, sometimes not often. Does she take oral theophyline usually? If so they may monitor levels in blood when infusion taken down.


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