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Hygiene Hand Gel

Hi guys,

Am I the only person that has problems with the smell of hygiene gel triggering asthma.

It gets right under my wig (so-to-speak).

The Cuticura gel that I use is non-perfumed but the alcohol smell still has me reaching for my puffer.

Some of the perfumed gels seem to be worse than others. I can easily detect the smell from about 50 yards when other peeps have applied gel. Carex Hand Gel Moisture Plus (to name but one) being a real pain in the wig. The Carex gel does not even state on the bottle that it is perfumed.

Take hair,


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no your not alone i ask people if they using it to stay clear of me until the smell has gone as it gets on my chest so i won't use it in work i stick with soap and water where possible and wipe things over with dettol spray or milton wipes.


Yep, I struggle with it too - the smell seems to aim for the bottom of my lungs and hang around for ages. It's everywhere at the moment - earlier in the week I picked up a phone at work to make a call and found someone had obviously used alcohol gel to ""clean"" the mouthpiece :( . It reaked and set my lungs off. There is a lot to be said for good old soap and warm water!!!


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