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New asthma treatment - sounds interesting

Hi all,

anyone seen this in todays Sun newspaper

the text includes this

A NEW device that treats asthma sufferers as they sleep could soon be available on the NHS.

The bedside air filter — called Protexo — sucks out dust particles and allergens that trigger attacks.

Tests on 54 severely-asthmatic kids revealed overnight use of the machine left them less likely to need their inhalers or visit hospital.

I know its only a very small test but it sounds interesting and I wondered if anyone here knows anymore about it or has tried it?


Rocket Man of PEAK

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It's interesting that you've posted this! It was suggested protexo may be beneficial to me and everything was being sorted to get me a machine, and then the company that makes them withdrew them from the market/ withdrew the agreement with my hospital - was most disappointed!


thanks for posting this am going to talk about it when I see my asthma consultant as its looks really interesting and has gone through all the clinical trials needed for NICE to look at it. The evidence for this working as an allergy remover and working out cheaper than some of the other drugs on the market at the moment seem quite strong which gives me hope that NICE and hospitals will look at it for us uncontrolled asthmatics. As always I live in hope that this could help just a few of us thanks Pete.

Amanda x


oh that sounds interesting i would be willing to try that


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