medication irresponsibility!!

Im absolutely fuming - i recently discovered someone i know had been getting 2.5mg, 5mg and atrovent ebs from her friend and giving them to 1) a 5 yr old child who might be asthmatic or have lung probs due to prematurity and 2) someone else who is late 30's and only has occasional probs with hs asthma when triggered buy infec or other known triggers.

I just dont know what to do she honestly doesnt seem to see what my issues are with it she seems to think that that if it stops the need to go to A + E its ok - she cant see the dangers which really makes me angry. I have in the past lost a friend who relied on this type of'treatment' and subsequently didnt get the care they needed.

What really annoys me is this friend who is supposedly a severe asthmatic - how does she have so many spare nebs? I also feel it undermines my asthma which has resulted in me spending alot of time in hossie inc stays in ITU and needing to be ventilated .

How do i deal with this without causing problems between me and this person as i dont want this to become an issue spoiling our relationship?

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  • This is a potentially very serious issue. You could say that the adult is responsible for accepting the nebs, but a child cannot make an informed choice. If this child were to suffer significant damage as a consequence of being given a wrong dosage or inappropriate medication this does not bear thinking about. I think this actually becomes a safeguarding children issue (child protection) and if I were you I would try reporting it. You can find the number of your local safeguarding team from your local NHS trust or NSPCC and you could report this anonymously. Alternatively you could speak to your GP or health visitor in confidence. Whatever you decide to do I think it is important that you pass this on. When there are high profile cases in the press of harm being done to children, people always ask ""why didn't anyone say anything?"" You don't need to be identified, but your conscience will be clear if you report this. Best wishes.

  • I would also contact Child protection team / safeguarding - c/o Social services.

    The child is being put in danger by the parent.

    As you know, delaying going to A & E is dangerous esp when you rely on nebs.

    I am not sure how you can broach the issue face to face........



  • I would also contact Child protection team / safeguarding - c/o Social services.

    The child is being put in danger by the parent.

    As you know, delaying going to A & E is dangerous esp when you rely on nebs.

    I am not sure how you can broach the issue face to face........



  • Omg

    I cant believe this. How can anyone risk giving meds to a child of all people. Would it be possible to get childs mum to see gp & go through proper channels?

    Is the person giving meds away very naive? Or do they think theyre helping

    How do they get all these nebs etc anyway?

    My doc keeps close eye on me, he knows how i am re asthma & i see cons at hosp when meds need fine tuning.

    Youre in horrible position, perhaps annon letter to gp re meds being given away. Especially re child

    Child must come first, if parent wont accept risks, then annon letter to child doc.

    Sorry, not much help am I


  • How does anyone have spare nebs? Presumably the recepients have home nebulisers so why do they need to get their nebs from someone else? Sounds very odd. To be honest, if it was me, I would have it out with my friend but that's me! Hope it gets sorted.

  • Maybe try pointing out to her that it is illegal as she is giving prescription only medication to someone else?

    I completely agree with how irresponsible this is - no-one should EVER take medications not prescribed for them.

  • hi

    Maybe you could whilst in general conversation metion MJ doctors actions that resulted in his death. Let the childs mother go to the doctor instead are you qualified. Micheal Jackson paid a heavy price.


  • ...........regarding having a home neb, anyone can buy one from the internet, but people shouldn't really be purchasing them unless they are prescribed the meds to go in it. Perhaps they got one then tried to get the nebs prescribed? or were given one?

  • Thanks for all your responses i know for a fact that the nebuliser was bought and no nebules have ever been prescribed by a GP/con.

    Unfortunately i dont have direct access to the neb supplier as they are a friend of my friend so cant talk to them directly which is what i really wish i could do and i dont know thweir surname or i would report them to their GP leaving out my friend.

    Im finding being in this situation incredibly stressful

  • Could you talk to the childs mum about how very dangerous this could be for her child? Maybe you could back it up with info/evidence from this site?

    I know many consultants (mine included) really don't like people having home nebs unless absolutely crucial because they give a false sense of security and people delay getting help (and yes....I resemble that remark!). Perhaps the mum needs educating about asthma? Maybe that's something you could do with her and if you couch it that you are worried about the child it might come across better?

  • Fustratingly my friend is very aware of asthma and its dangers etc as she has seen the effect it has on me but this seems to make no difference , nor does me voicing my concerns. she seems to have her mind set that she isnt doing any harm -although she has a few valid points they are definately NOT enough to warrant the neb use .Her friend(the neb supplier) cant see the problem despite being a bad asthmatic and still dont understand how she has nebs to spare -i know i have mine prescribed to a set amount each month and if i go over that im in hossie!

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