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Badly let down by hosp con

Over 10 days ago i went to see my GP as thing havent been right, been having really bad nights and numerous small attacks plus generally tight and puffy. he basically said i was too complicated and so tried to ring my hosp con -he tried 5 timesw through that day and again a number of times the next day and not once was his call returned by either my con or any of his team.

I then got in contact with the resp nurse who tracked him down and asked him to call me - No CHANCE!!! He did tell her something about him being on call in Aand E over ther weekend so i could see him there- that was not an option plus i didnt feel bad enough to go in .

Monday I spoke to my community matron and GP both tried again to get in touch -this is how it carried on all through the week until finally my matron rang and said he had gone home yest an is now on leave for next 2 weeks and of course his reg had gone home too by then!!

Im now left still not good with no support -i feel incredibly let down as he did say i was to have 'open access- dont think thats worked somehow!!

Im going to ring the ward on Monday myself to see if i can speak to the reg as im fed up with feeling so rough and something done or i will end up being admitted!

Anyone any ideas/suggestions please.

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let down by cons

Hi hopalong,

Sorry about the trouble your having at the moment, sometimes it seems to go on and on doesnt it.Thats really bad ethics, but if your that bad you could go to a&e and get sorted. If you feel ok to hold on i would ring the cons secretary and ask whos covering him while his on hols,as they have to have cover, she should be able to point you in the right direction(Please dont put your self in any danger, if you feel you need help then call 999. As its not worth any risks) Im surprised your gp didnt do this his self, contact the respiratory nurses/copd nurses, if still no joy speak to auk helpline and im sure they'll be able to advise you what steps you need to take and what to do. Some cons are like this and think this is acceptable behaviour, you could also look into complaining about him.

I hope this may be of use to you, look after yourself



What a poor show! My son's consultant's secretary has always rung me back when we've needed help (not necessarily on the same day, but within an acceptable time). Surely the GP can help you until the Consultant comes back on the scene?! Good luck - hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear about ur troubles. I know wot u mean about being too complex for ur gp my gp states this also. ESP when the pred is having little effect. He recommends I either see the consultant or a and e. Tho he says I may not consider myself to be that unwell asthma can quickly change with little or no warning. So better getting checked when still able to talk then ending up in resus. If waiting til Monday I would fone the secretary asking for review by whoever is covering the consultants case load usually his senior registrar...... tho sometime the resp nurses can organise appointments quicker !!!!


i have the same problem. My consultant is in Brum I am in wiltshire. My GP wont say naythign about my asthma leaves the management to me as its too complicated. Waiting for sub-cut so not seeing cons and going in every month. Asthma nurse team at the hospital most are on maternity leave and wouldnt have any advice apart from continue what I am doing.


I'm so sorry! I've been caught in this too lately. I've been poorly for about two 1/2 weeks, with my inhalers just not cutting it. I finally was able to see my GP's partner this week, and he listened and gave me pred. If they hadn't of fit me in, I probably would have gone into hospital, although I still didn't feel quite that bad. Of course for me bad is very bad (you know if I can still generally walk and breath at the same time, even if I'm getting chest pain, I think I'm fine). But I wouldn't really use me as a good example.

But I did have some really good nurses once who told me I needed to make more of a fuss when I felt sick, and I'm been grateful to them. It's important to get help in a timely manner when you need it (I'm saying this to myself too).



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