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Driving and pf's

Do people have any guidelines about driving and their pfs.

Does anyone have a cut off level and wont drive when it goes below said level?

Having just escaped costa i know i should be resting but there is 1 trip i feel is vital which is to take daughter to local airpotr (20 mins from us) on her first trip away from home. My husband doesnt drive but has offered to take via train which leaves me out of the loop. Unfortunately we cant afford a return cab fair.

Any ideas /suggestions please

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hi kirsten

i havnt got any suggstions but justwantd to say trynot to get too stressd about it. i know howmuch you wouldwant tosee your daughtr off but i;m sureshe will undrestand if youaren;t up to takng her. take loadsand loads of care.





Hi hopalongkp

I don;t have any guidelines re driving.... I think you justhave to be careful. Don't drive too far and get over tired,

Hope you feeling better soon

Truly x


I don't have guidelines. Pred makes me really jittery and ventolin shakey so I have not driven since Novemember I think I am now read to get back behind the wheel but with the sub cut trial looming in a week I think I will wait until after that, plus I am trying to be good and not to anything that would jepordise the trial. I know how you feel though Kirsten my husband is epileptic and can't drive it is very frustrating.



Hi Hopalong.

As Lis says try not to get too stressed about not seeing your daughter to your local airport. There will be many other occasions, and you can always keep talking to her via texting and phone.

You need to rest ATM and just get your strength back. XXXXXX .

Boring but true. And I used to be the worst at listening to that sort of advice, but always ended going backwards and usually to where you've just escaped from!

I'm not sure about a cut off level for pf's ( but less than 50% and I'm a little more cautious) but I always go by my symptoms for driving. Again I learnt the hard way (crashed the car) that when you can't talk you can't turn a steering wheel very well, so you end up being a danger to yourself and others.

Having said all that I often find it difficult to keep the clutch pedal fully depressed when taking big doses of short and long acting reliever meds. - lots of trembly shakes etc. - so I always leave a big gap between myself and the car in front when waiting in a traffic queue!

Please take a lot of care.





I did it!

Abeit very carefully and cautiously i made it 20mins away to the airport , saw daughter thro checkin , had a drink nebbed and drove home again. I nearly didnt but had Rosie in tears last night and sent me on a guilt trip

Im glad i drive a automatic i dont think my ventowobbkes would have been safe with a manual , had hubby as useless passenger .

I dont think im going to try driving again tho when things are this bad unless its vital.

Thanks for all your input it has been helpful


Well done hop. I hope you are feeling better. Is your daughter going anywhere nice?



Rosie has gone to Lourdes , it is her first time away from home for more then 2 days and her first time abroad as well and shes only 10!

She has gone with hundred os other kids from allaround the UK on Pilgimage of healing,. Most of the kids aer sick themselves but some get to go cos of family situation which is the case with Rosie, because of all the things ive put her thro and the death of my sister they thouight she would benefit.

As for me i m knackered!!


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