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Question for all guiders/scouters or anyone else that has any suggestions!!


I am due to be taking 18 brownies away this weekend for a early halloween weekend but i have a problem that my lungs arent being very co-operative at the mo.

Although im not quite at admission level im not far away. What i wanted to know was that when you go away what do you do as a back up plan in case you get taken ill?

I have 3 other leaders for both nights but one has to leave early sunday.

Do you have a leader from elsewhere on stand by or just wing it and pray that you cope ok??!!! Apart from the leader who is leaving early im the first aider and the warranted leader!

All my brownies are used to seeing me neb and funnily enough seem to behave better when im not great but obvioulsy i want them to enjoy their weekend!

Any thoughts views or suggestions?

ps the nearest costa is only 2 mins away!!

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Hi Hops

My memory is a bit vague today so hope i remember this correctly.

Are you the only one with the indoor holiday licence???

If so think you need to talk to your district/division pack holiday advisor to see if they could get another leader to stand in and take the responsibility from you for the whole weekend, presume you've got your holiday plans done!!

Isn't there someone who is doing a licence that could come with you?

Presuming someone else is qual to act as first aid and one has a licence and the ratio still 1:6 for holidays not 1:8 (I can't remember!) your ok till sunday so i would plan to finish earlier on the Sunday or invite the parents in for lunch made by brownies(pasta in tinned plum tomato sauce goes a LONG way cheaply and can be called blood and guts for theme) to get round your ratio problem just in case you have to go so its not a drama when there aren't enough adults if you've had to disappear.

I used to ensure there were 2 of us with a licence on sleepovers/pack holidays so that if anything happened kids weren't let down ( usually did this by combining with another unit) Also used to get a parent W whatever the form is and crb'd so could take them to help too even if just in day so didn't get too tired on top of the normal first aid QM roles.

Good Luck



Hi Marmite

I dont actually have my licence yet (county are reluctant to let me do it cos of health) My licienced leader is the one going sun am and we do have a CRB'd parent coming just so that we are always one over in relation to the ratio (yup you were right 1:6 when away ) I dont know any other brownie leader in the area that is available and the guider who normally comes is away

I will be the only up to date first aider come sunday as well! Both my other leaders are quite new but 1 is doing her leadership training now but otherwise it s all down to me !!

The leaders are very good in running things once they know what they are doing which is the case this weekend so i suppose i can always hide in our room!!

I think im just a bit over anxious aas my last big splat was quite sudden and i havewnt been away with the brownies since


Not much word of advice but if i wasn't busy with my course would have lent a hand as I have my warrant even though stopped doing it a few years ago and i'm a first aider. Not much help i know!

I wouldn't wing it...try and have someone on standby. At least if you are prepared for any possibility it is guaranteed you won't need it!



Hi there Kirsten,

I would have someone else on standby - in fact am trying to organise someone to do that for our christmas camp at the mo - must get a/a form in by the end of the week!

Having spoken to various guider types about this, the attitude from high up is that guiders with health probs should be encouraged to be involved but to ensure the safety of the girls backup plans should be in place. Could your DC or someone help you find a backup guider?

Hope you get someone. Would offer to come but I'm on call!



When our Girl's Brigade captain had to pull out of summer camp at short notice they had to fill place with another leader at about a week's notice. She was also the only comissioned officer. They were still cleared to go to camp without an officer. It might be a good idea to have a leader on stand-by cos you don't want to disappoint the girls.


Emily - thatnks for the semi offer!! You may have regretted mentioning that you are still warranted!!

I have managed to find a leader who is now on standby for sunday(was covered for fri/sat) she has offered to come over regardless so im going to call her sat eve to see how things are goinga nd if i think i will need her so that is a relief at least i know im covered for the whole weekend.

I have also spoken to my nurse and yet again she has come up trumps and has spoken to the A+E guys as well as faxing over all that they might need to know if i do splat so thats also lessened my worry.

i have spoken to the county commisioner as well and she is happy with my plan of action so i think i have everything covered now??!!

I only have one thing now and that is to get through the weekend without splatting and scaring my brownies again!!!


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