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Menuka Honey

Has anyone tried menuka honey?

A work colleague has recommended this as a ""cure"" for heartburn / indigestion / gerd and also said that her daughter's asthma has improved tremendously since taking her daily doses. Apparently she managed to give up the steroids and hasnt had a chest infection for 2 years.

It is quite expensive at £5 a jar. Having bought one I'm not sure I should really take it as Im diagnosed prediabetic. Can anyone advise on this?

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I have had manuka honey - in fact just finished a jar of it - am not sure whether or not it helped because I did also cut out dairy products at the same time which are also supposed to have a beneficial effect in preventing excess mucus production and asthma in general.

Certainly I have heard that the honey is supposed to be good for fighting infection and a particular form of it (although not the form sold to eat) can be used to heal wounds so I guess logic would say that it could help prevent chest infections??? It's also said to help to joint pain and, apparently, allergies.

Taken in very small quantites, especially with a long-lasting carbohydrate like granary or wholemeal bread (porridge would be even better) I wouldn't think it would be too bad but that depends on what they have told you regarding the kind of diet you should be following at the moment. If you have any doubts at all you must speak to your doctor first. The worst thing you could do would be to eat a spoonful on honey on its own!


Thanks for the advice, I have oats for breakfat so will try having it with those; hopefully it will also mask the taste cos i hate honey with a vengeance.

GP basically told me cut out sugar as far as possible such as biscuits sweets cakes etc and salt too cos I also was put on tabs for high blood pressure. Not a problem except if I have chips. I am seeing him on Monday so will mention it then

In July I had tests and was reating to cows milk, egg white, mushrooms, soya and almonds - I was already avoiding wheat. The main reason for the tests was to find out what was causing a rash and itching. It is not easy to cut so much out of your diet but I have noticed an improvement in my health and my chest has not been so tight.


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