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GP/Ambulance/Hospital Nightmare!!!

OK, last Tuesday my asthma got bad again so my mum took me to our GP I was seen by the practice nurse who gave me salbutamol and pulmicort, I have never had this combination so she listens to my chest and says I need to go to hospital, so she books one for 3 HOURS time and told me to go to the waiting room during the time I was waiting I was becoming less and less concious and I was waiting WITHOUT any nebulisers AT ALL!My notes clearly state I am a severe astmatic, I understand I have alot of notes and that we are new patients but I don't think its any excuse to not recognise how serious my asthma is.The ambulance eventually arrived and they were horrified by my condition that they gave me back to back nebs and hydrocortsone.At the hospital the doctor and the nurses ended up arguing about whether or not I need ITU intervention, the nurses thought I didn't need ITU intervention and cancelled it, but the ITU doctor came and took my blood gases and said I was hypoxic and dehydrated.I was admitted onto HDU and put on Aminophylline,Hydrocortisone,Saline and Prednisolone.I stayed there until Friday until I was discharged.The consultant thinks my asthma is showing more signs of actually being brittle not severe.I went to my GP yesterday he says I also have a chest infection.I feel better just really tired!Apologies fro the length of the post.

Simi x

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Wow... and I thought my asthma was bad. I'm a wimp.


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