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Watch Out For Those Privet Hedges!

I've made a discovery this week - that I'm most definitely allergic to the flowers on a privet hedge... not sure how common it is in the UK to link asthma to these but as I've googled it I've found a lot of comments from Australia and New Zealand about them and their potency with allergic asthma so thought I'd warn others as they seem to be flowering well at the moment.

Thankfully I was already booked to be moving to a new client (I'm an IT consultant and always work out on client sites for a few months at a time) as of Monday since they are surrounding every building where I have been working this week and as such i have not made it to the end of a working day this week... so I won't be heading into the danger zone anymore!

So my advise of the week is:

Watch out for flowering privets!!!

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When we cut masses off a hedge 2 years ago I coughed and wheezed loads but thought it was becausethe hedgewas half privet and half some sort of fir. As I knew I reacted to Christmas trees assumed it was the fir that caused it, maybe I was wrong.



I have a problem with conifers. Keep my distance since I developed asthma, but found out years ago when I accidently brushed against one and my arm swelled up in a very nasty red rash.



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