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Do all you real asthmatics out there unlike me who isn't sure have good and bad days? Yesterday I was not bad chest not as tight but today feel twice as bad. I know I shouldn't complain really as most of you are having major probs with your asthma and don't complain but can't seem to work out what to do and what not to. Another thing is is my chest going to bother me when I fly in 4 weeks although it is not a long flight is the general advice just to use inhalers b4 flying.


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Hi Katherine, hope you are off somewhere nice? I have recently come back from Rome which was a 2 and 1/2 hour flight. My chest seemed to cope ok with it. The only I did was make sure that I had been taking my medication correctly beforehand and had a puff of ventolin prior to getting on the plane. I did find that my throat became very dry so I would suggest that you have a bottle of water with you for when you are on the plane.

Have a great trip!!


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