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Bad day

Anyone esle having a bad day. Been feeling rough since had spiometry test done yesterday when wasn't expecting to. Have never really struggled at night but spent most of last night coughing and needed ventolin which is a first for me. Have carried on with tight chest and coughing today although has eased at mo maybe as I used ventolin about hour ago for second time today.

sorry to moan someone else tell me they are 10 times worse than me and hopefully I may feel better.(not that I want anyone to feel ill I just want to feel better as am not good at this feeling rough lark)

take care one and all

Katharine x

p.s. I feel better after my moan so thanks everyone

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hiya katherine

sorry to hear your not feelin too good hopefully after a little rest today your lungs will feel better tomoz

if don't feel no better though get yourself checked out by your gp

glad u feel better for gettin it out though

take care




I have had a wee rake through my vast wig collection and found one just for you! ...so here catch my minnie mouse cyber wig and stick on yer heed right now! It's guaranteed to cheer you up in no time.

I can see a wee cheeky smile appearing already :o)

Take hair,



Hi, You are not the only one feeling rough as I have done for almost a week now and its a first for me as my asthme is usually well under control or was until last week! Started off with a tight chest on wed then ended up in A&E after having an attack on thurs picked up on fri the went down hill on sat and ended up having another one! Feel better today but still very tired and has totally taken the wind out of my sails but it prob hasn't helped that I haven't taken any time off work! Hope you start to feel better soon and I always find a good moan makes you feel better!!!



Hope you're starting to feel better now it is cooling a little as the evening goes on. I've not had a good day either. Started this afternoon while in a study session from work. Reacting to the mixture of perfumes. Still struggling a bit this evening. Used my ventolin 3 times since 2pm and will need it again before bed if I want to get any sleep. Thats on top of all the other inhalers and drugs I take regularly. Work are getting used to me having bad days now. They do their best to keep me calm and give me a bit of time out.



Thanks evryone. Deek that wig was just the right one and it def got a smile. Am feeling little better at mo but not much not fair since I was fine till after costa appt on Monday. If thats what they do don't think I will go again. Oh well i just keep using ventolin on top of seritide and it sort of gets me through the day.



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