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sore throat

Well its a roundabout way of doing things but have managed. For those of you that have had broncoscopy's how long did it take for your throat to feel better afterwards. I had mine last Tuesday and mine is still sore. Prob is that I'm finding it's bothering my ears as well and I hate earache. I have tried all lozengers and I use a spacer for seritide?Do I just wait for nature to take it's course or can I do something about it.

Just a thought upped seritide last thursday and although PF's much better and staying static ish could that be prob with throat or is it nore likely to be bronc as ears hurt as well?

Any suggestions?

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Katherine, I think maybe you should get your Dr to have a look, if your ears involved wht you are putting down to a sore throat from the bronch could be an infection or something I would get your GP to check it out.



Yeh i would get the doc to check it out. Could be an infection in which case some good antibiotics should sort it out.

Not had a bronchoscopy before but my dad has and he had a really sore throst for a about a week after. He found that drinking hot water with honey and lemon helped sooth it abit!

hope it gets better soon


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