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medic question (not medical advice)

During my last stay in hospital one night after they had stopped the IV amnio my chest decieded that it was going to complain big style so as i felt really rough rang the bell and as it was weekend it was bank staff on it was the HCA that answered told her felt rough she said she would tell staff nurse 15 min later rang again feeling worse same reply never saw staff nurse on duty until about 1.5 hrs after started to struggle and she then only put head round curtain to say that HCA was gem for doing ECG and she was going on her break. Dr did pop up breifly and said she was going to look at ECG but never came back. Ended up back to back nebbing cause got nowhere with staff. Question is have put in an informal complaint about staff nurse as felt she could at least have shown some interest even if it was just reassurance have i done right thing or am i overreacting? anyone any sugestions.

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I have had a similar situation. You are in hospital because you are ill, or so they told me, so if you need help ask for it, but when you do they are asked you what you want to do about it or they just keep ignoring you. I guess it is an issue you should raise with your consultant or with the ward clerk.

Or if you know the sister, maybe you could make a direct complaint about her?

sorry cannot be of more help, but i have been in this position myself.



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