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consultant appt

Pf's still under the 80% mark and appt with consultant been put back 5/52. Spoke to appts dept re closer appt and they said I would have to ring consultants secretary. Gp has just given me another note for 2/52 off work thats a total of 5. Don't want to cause a fuss but chest constantlky tight despite seritide being uppted to 500 and ventolin being used 5-6 times a day.

Do I just ring and explain situation and see what they say or what?

What would anyone else do? What about those of you that are severe asthmatics and constantly get in touch with your consultant? what do I say?

Please someone tell me what to do. My gp is baffled that despite 2 courses of antibiotics and one of pred apart frrom having a bit more voice I don't feel any better. He thinks it could be an allergy of some sort but as am on antihistimines as well I think I have confused him.

Advice please.

Katharine x

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your docs are there to help you so do get in touch with your cons secretary and maybe even ask if you can speak to him/her. you might have to wait for them to call you back but they should do so and shouldn't mind doing so either. you're not being a hassle by phoning them, you're being concerned about your health and wanting their advice and help. you are entitled to it so call them.


Thanks becky may try tomorrow. Still feeliong very unsure of this asthma lark and not certain what I can and cannot do, what I should wait for and what I should seek advice about.

Styrange to think that only reason i was off in 1st place is cause one of gp's I work with in work saiud I ought to see my GP. I'm blaming her.


Hi Katharine,

Don't be fobbed off by anyone. Phone your cons secretary/PA and ask for the con. to give you advice. Either via his/her secretary or herself/himself, -con that is.

They should give you some guidance and maybe squeeze you into a chest clinic appointment within a week.

I once phoned from work 'cause i was really bad, and knew it. But did not want to go to A and E. Chest con phoned me back on early Friday evening and gave me some much needed advice. I avoided the dreaded am Sat visit.

It's much better to get specialist support from someone who knows about your asthma history.




well to cut a long story short no-one bothered to contact even on Monday so re-rang this am and sec told me that they have brought my appt forward to 18/9. hooray.

In meantime will just keep eating the ventolin so to speak but I'm really fed up now. Was booked on a breast feeding course from work today so went as thought can't be too bad sitting still all day. Still came home at 4.30 very tired and had 1 1/2 hrs on bed, This is getting silly. anyone any ideas on loosing chest in meanti,e b4 I see cons again?

Kath x


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