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anyone any super ideas on getting a decent nights sleep without waking at least once for ventolin. If i wake for ventolin am better in the morning with slightly better pf tho its generally naf at mo if only have 4 puffs ventolin in night struggle more following day. Can't seen to win. have tried upping ventolin b4 bed and get slightly longer sleep but still wake but getting 5 hrs on 6 puffs rather 2 hrs on 4 puffs. any suggestions gratefully considered as am tired bunny.

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Have you thought about setting an alarm to wake you before you get woken up by your asthma? I know that I sleep worse if I am woken up by my asthma rather than waking up of my own accord. Maybe you could set it for 3am or something just before your pf drops?

When I'm ill I sleep propped up with pillows and taking bricanyl when I need the loo in the night and having a bowl of hot steam before bed. I also got into the habbit of taking my bricanyl as soon as I woke in the morning and gave it ten minutes for it to work into my system before I got up otherwise I was coughing especially when my bedroom is cold!



Have u thought of seeing if a dr would try ""Volmax"" tablets just 1 at night ??

Its a ventolin tablet and maybe would help BUT u need to speak to your medical team over it !!

Also if you are waking at night its a sign your asthma is not controlled as it should be !!


thanks beth i sleep propped up anyway or would never be able to breathe. cud try setting alarm but wud rather just sleep lol.

wheezer got con appt week mon so may ask but last time went con was aboutas much use as chocolate teapot he he.(seemed to work on basis that cause was still working couldn't be that bad but as line manager said to me some days i only in work cause i drag myself in and cause i'm me and don't do off sick unless have no option) i know asthma being pain at mo but they just struggling to stablise me full stop.


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