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sleep and inhalers

is it just me being weird or does anyone else find or know a reason why if I use my ventolin at night with my seritide before going to sleep I have a better sleep than just using the seritide. Its not as though without the ventolin I spend half the night coughing but I have found I sleep better without waking if I use the ventolin as well. Anyone any suggestions?


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Sometimes Drs encourage people to use vent first wait 5 mins then use preventer as the vent opens airways fully then preventer goes deeper into lungs. This maybe why you sleep better. Have you raised the end of your bed (Head end!) so you are not lying flat? It was stressed to me by resp physio this week it is really important that asthmatics not sleep flat as the stomach pushes up into the lungs making it harder to breathe and also allows mucus to form and get infected. Also means acid does not flow back into throat or lungs. Not that i can lie flat anyway!

Hope this helps!



that prob explains things for me too then, i go becloforte, serevent THEN ventolin, i'll try the other way tonight


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