have just been realised from another 2/52 stop in my local which this time has included a 24 hr stay in hdu following 3 splats in a week. My moan is that when the night staff in hdu handed over in the am she told the nurse taking over that i had come down the night before and was an asthmatic but had slept since and she didn't really know why i was down there anyway. She made me feel as though I was putting it all on thle only thing that made it slight better was the fact that when nurse on early shift washed me and saw how exhaused I was after a cats lick so to speak she was astounded and said she hadn't expected that and I was certainly not fit to go back to the ward. It made me realise that the handover the staff give who look after us that end up costafied really does influence how we are treated by the following shift. Ok moan over.

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  • hugs as i no what staff like in that costa!! xx

  • I completely agree. I've just been released too and actually they were all excellent this time (in fact over cautious because my heart was joining in the 'fun' at one point and that totally freaked them out!) but I've had similar problems and not feeling believed (I've found some problems with weekend staff as well as night staff) - also, because I can seem quite well and I'm really stubborn and wanting to do stuff for myself in between splats they look at me and think I'm OK and make assumptions on my appearance rather than history. I've found having a simple letter from my consultant on their system really helpful which notes the unpredictable nature of my asthma.

  • I have just been in hospital for a 2/52 stay and my experiences of nurses wasnt a good one. I wasnt in for my asthma (being in hospital made my asthma a bit better!) I was having acute abdo pain. I am not the kind of person that moans about being in pain and I dont like showing I am in pain. Nurses assumed as I was reading books etc I wasnt in pain this was passed on. I overheard a nurse saying to my Dr I should just be sent home as I dont look in pain although I was still requiring Morhine and condiene. I am now under the pain team for it but was very upset by the nurses even when I asked for pain killers I was met with diapproval. I found it was more the night staff and the bank staff that were more moaning!

  • I was in hospital for 3 weeks in 2001 and encountered a nurse like that (been lucky since)! At the time my normal peak flow was 540-580 and had been in hospital for two weeks with the worst infection I have ever had, yet despite being off aminophylline for a few days my peak flow was still around 390-410. This enrolled nurse was on night shift on the Friday and Saturday and was convinced I was stopping the peak flow needle because there was no way I still had a low peak flow. She brought a really old fashioned one round on the second night to check me, yet it was still at the same levels. I wish I could find her now and tell her that it has taken 8 years for my peak flow to get back to 440-460 and will not go over that - if only to make a point!!

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