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Asthma has been confirmed

HI, well I saw the asthma nurse today and looking at the charts she agrees with the doc that it is asthma so now I have an official diagnosis. I have to up the Qvar to 2 puffs twice a day for a fortnight and see how that goes.

Bit fed up about it all to be honest, I had hoped it was something temporary because we love the outdoors and feeling uncomfortable when walking is not much fun.


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With medication and input from the doc and nurse, you should be ok ali. Asthma is quite treatable. I have had bad asthma for 30+ years, but still manage to take my wee dog to the park every day. Keep your chin up and get your meds sorted.





Hi Alibabes

Maz is right.

I was really gutted when I was told I has asthma a few years ago and I hate having it. But as long as it's under control you should be able to live with it. The medication should help with that. I walk the dogs every day. Exercise & fresh air. That's the thing.




On the positive side, Ali - now that you have had it confirmed and, therefore, know exactly what it is, you can plan to go forward. With the right stuff, I am sure that you will be back enjoying your walking without any difficulty.

I now know to take a couple of puffs from my little blue friend about 30 minutes before I start a workout at my new gym and that routine seems to be working well. I am also learning better breathing control and relaxation techniques by taking up Yoga and highly recommend it. Even though exercise is a trigger, knowing that it is asthma that I have to control, rather than something unknown, puts me back in charge. You can be the same.





I only got diagnosed last year and can remember that sinking feeling and feeling fed up with everything, but honestly it's been a good thing to finally have a diagnosis !

Now hopefully something can be done to help and im sure with the right meds you will be back to the outdoors soon !


Thanks for your words of encouragement, I will keep at it and hopefully once things level out a bit the walking won't be such an effort.



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