HDM's again

I give up I really do. I must be the most HDM aware person in the world, daily damp dusting, duvet washed every month at 60 degrees or over, pillows changed very 6 months, matress in funky allergy recommened cover,no soft toys, wood floors, damp dusting, dust extractor (don't bother it does not work) sofa steam cleaned once every 6 months, books encased or dusted daily with one of those special dusters that the dust glues too even my medications are all kept in tidy plastic boxes on to prevent dust build up around then . Yet I still can't get my HDM RAST below 100. Where do the little beggers hide.


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  • As you said to me last night Bex, ask them to be nice and wear florescent jackets although I'm not sure even that would help you!

    Tks xxxx

  • At least if they were flourescent jackets I could stamp on the little blighters as they go tramping across the floor.


  • They may be hiding in your wardrobe in your clothes!

    No one ever really thinks of this - they have probably taken refuge there!

    (I am sure that you do wash your clothes being as fastidious as you are with house cleaning)

    Though boil washing a nice jumper is a Big No No!

    My wardrobe must be a haven cos I have stuffed so much in there, though I do have cedar wood moth repelants in there too!

    (My suit jacket smells vaguely of cedar wood so is busy airing at the mo!!)

    Central heating doesn't help along with double glazing - a good healthy draft through the house cools the critters off! You could try and blast everything with a CO2 fire extingisher and freeze them! (NOT A recomended use of Health & safely equipment _ DO not try this - CO2 Burns!)



  • Could ne but after pilling on pred weight 18 months or so ago (before that it did not effect me) so I have a much reduced wardrobe I seemed to go from size 12 size huge overnight. Mummy and Aunty Mary came over about 6 months ago and packed away all my unworn stuff (lovely ball frocks, little skirts, fitted shirts, tailor made suits sob sob) leaving me with a hanadful of elasticated waists skirts 2 pairs of trousers, some t shirts and a few jumpers. However you have a good point I can freeze the stuff that can't be boiled. Now to use up the bread in the feezer to make room for my clothes, in strict rotation (no -one wants to see me naked).


  • HDM??

  • house dust mites

  • Don't put your underwear in there please! Don't want to traumatise the kids any more LOL! brrrrr chilly knickers!

    When living at home my parents were regularly met by flocks of furry penguins and the odd teddy stuffed among the frozen peas!



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