Funky Chicken again Arggggggggh

I thought I had the old cramps pretty much under control until the last couple of days. I am on quinine and have been for over a year and I don't miss doses (for some reason evening pills are less likely to get forgotten in than those in the morning mele) . The last couple of days have been dreadful, waking up with feet and toes totally twisted up rubbing, stretching and walking etc only stops it for a wee while. 20-30 minutes later I am back out of bed doing the funky chicken shouting cramp (and some other expleatives not allowed here). I am not in some weird neb or medication pattern just the ""normal"" amounts nebs S/C preventers, pred and amino.

The only thing I can think that is different is that when in hospital last time (released 12 days ago) I had a fem line until discharge and was effectivily tied to my bed for 3 weeks. I am now up and walking again. However the cramps only started up in the last couple of days, so I don't know if the fem line and being bed bound was a contributing factor. Anyone got any bright ideas why this problem should suddenly become so bad and any additional ideas for dealing with it. I have even found myself stranded on the loo with both feet looking like I have club feet and big toe going in a totally opposite direction to the rest of them unable to move :(

For the new here and to save some time I am Queen of cramp :) I have tried the normal warm soothing baths, massages, G&T's, gentle exercise to no avail so anyone got a new cures they need testing to the max.


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  • Bex maybe worth asking for your potassium level to be checked as this causes cramps and bricanyl interfers with potassium levels plus you been run down lately.

    love Andrea xx

  • Argh yes I had forgotten about potassium will get bloods done tomorrow.


  • would missing your pred dose make it worse? Or even if your dose is late???

    Pottasium is a strong contender too.

  • The pred dose I missed was over e week ago not sure if it related. Pot seems to be the most likely candidate. I don't think I can stuff anymore bananas than I do currently on 6 a day and as for tomato juice and grape....


  • Damn, was just going to suggest a bunch of bananas......

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