Congestion Charging and RBH

I meant to do this a while back and forgot sorry :( The new London Congestion Charging zone takes in the RBH. If you have a Blue Badge (dizzy badge) then you can register a couple of cars and add on short term ones. It takes about 10-14 days and there is a one off registration fee of £10 but bearing in mind that the CC is £8 it worth doing if you are going to the RBH by car. More info here:


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  • Plus if you have a tax exempt car (eg Motability) you get in ( annd out) free without having to register in the first place - unless they have changed the rules.

    I did get a card free when it first came in but didn't really use it.


    PS there is a one off card valid for 3 years for the M6 Toll road - costs £5

    PPS The Severn crossing is free to blue badge holders

    PPS - most important one ( goes to Bluewater shopping centre) the Dartford Crossing (Over & Under the Thames) is free to Tax exempt cars!

    Any others??

  • Kate, I think you have to register even if tax exempt but I could be wrong will check it out.

    Tamar Bridge and Torpoint ferry between Devon and Cornwall you can regsiter and cross free :)


  • Thanks Bex,

    Though I don't ever intend driving into London! LOL


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