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DLA please be careful

I knew I meant to post this weeks ago and totally forgot, it was only posting about DLA I remembered. A friend who works for the CAB told me that 3 people in their patch have been prosectuted recently for claiming higher rates of DLA than they were entitled to. One used as his defence that he had read on a support forum (not this one but he did have a lung/breathing related problem) to fill in the form using his worst day. He did this and got awarded highter rate care and mobilty but his worst days are only about 6 days out of every month and he was rumbled when someone saw him up a ladder fixing his roof and they videoed it and sent it to the benefit fraud people, he got a criminal record and his benefit was down rated to low care and mobility.

My friend says do it by percentage if your bad days are over 50% of the time then use them if they are less than that use a middle of the road day. There are nosy people out there who will see a car with 0 paid on the tax disc and will know that means higher rate mobility if they see you walking to the shop 2 or 3 times a week they are going to report you, you then will have everything you have said on your claim form gone through with a fine tooth comb and expert evidence might be sort. In the worst case scenario a prosecution will happen and that means a criminal record. So be sensible folks.


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Can I just add, please don't panic folks, if you have been for a medical or have been awarded higher rate mobility and care the odds are you qualify. Apparently the worse thing is to put your worst day and for your medical person they contact to contradict you. It is certainly worth telling anyone you will be putting down as medical evidence person that you are applying and telling them roughly what you are putting on form.

I just put the warning out because they are cracking down and I have read quite a few people here saying ""use your worse possible day"" instead I would say use your common sense don't over egg the pudding and use your common sense don't put your best day either!




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