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I have no idea if this is asthma related but I have to have become the clumsiest person ever. I seem to have a unique ability to knock over, spill and drop everything thing I come into contact with. Don't ask me why but my hand eye co-ordination dire, things I am carrying just seem to fall out of my hands, if I reach out to get something and there is a cup or glass within a foot you can bet that I will knock it over! Looking back this has been creeping up on me over the past 18 months and so and is getting worse. Does anyone have any idea if this is related to asthma or the meds (bet it is the pred grrrrr).


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  • Hi Bex,

    the old Ventowobbles can cause me to be clumsy especially if I am tired.

    I knocked over my mug of tea the other morning at the Field centre, just missed the plate of bacon! Pred? could be too! I blame everything on the pred! LOL!

    Missplaced footing is also one of my clumsy things too! Usually where there is a slight blip on the pavement and my ankle goes over slighty.

    Though, it is usually when people are around that I do silly things - perhaps self concious comes into it or I am concentrating on trying to breathe.

    My conclusion Pred + Ventolin = wobbly moments


  • I’m the same Bex,

    No matter how careful I try to be I’ve become an expert in dropping Waterford glass vases, Ikea’s best tumblers plus loads of other bits of pottery. Either that or they jumped out at me and I wasn’t fast enough to catch them!

    Couldn’t write out my prescription yesterday - hands were so shaky.( Should have emailed) My writing is spiderish at the best of times. It’s now positively ant like.

    Had to use ‘coping’ strategies (basic stuff like holding cutlery low down on the handle, and resting arms on table) when trying to keep porridge on my spoon until it reached my mouth during breakfast in front of strangers on holiday recently .Otherwise could not have finished breakfast. Felt silly. DOH jollied me along, otherwise I would have just walked out in a big sulk.

    And as for tripping and falling over.. Fell off a two inch high pavement last week and no I hadn’t been drinking! Have many distinguishing marks to choose from re bruised and scarred legs from previous tumbles.

    Definitely blame increased meds like the dreaded pred, vent nebs, and symbicort etc. because my spatial awareness, balance and hand eye co-ordination is usually pretty good.

    Grrrrrrrr as well!


  • Sounds all too familiar! However, I am rarely on Prednisol ... I've always been clumsy, but then I've always had asthma :-)

  • Me too drop everything including children!

    Perhaps its cos we try to keep going and do to much when we shouldn't and only notice we need to stop when there is a loud crash???

    If not blame pred works as an excuse for almost everything else!

  • Mia,

    I also get the shakes when eating or trying to carry a cup of tea etc sometimes - feels embarasing! I have to clutch it very tight and not look at the cup as it makes it worse. High doses of the s/c make it happen I find.

    Marmite - hope the kids bounce!


  • Kids bounce unfortunatley Kates M's rumny Crazy cake wheat free egg free dairy free nut free mixture didn't am still scraping off walls while dh attends to ceiling. dropped food mixer bowl.........

  • yes i drop things and painting toe nail is nightmare when you hands and feet shake and they are not in time

  • Ooooohh nooooo! Marmite! Please try again - it is yummy!

  • Cake sounds great - any chance of the recipe being published on here?

  • Cake sounds great - any chance of the recipe being published on here?

  • Yes, will post cake recipe on a new thread.

    It was posted years ago but probably in the bowels of the archives


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