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Thank you my wonderful family and Grandad

After what the docs called a stormy admission for amino break and port replacement (trust me to get the faulty one) I got home last Thursday only to have my world fall down around when my Mum and Aunt turned up on Friday to tell me that my Grandad, my rock, my hero and my bridge partner had passed away suddenly that morning. We think from a massive stroke and he died in seconds by the sound of it, no pain or suffering, no long drawn out end, he was in the car on his way to play bridge with my Mum and her husband and just died. Anyway, the point of this post is that because he saw just how devistating asthma can be and probably because I ranted about how asthma was not a ""trendy illness"" to donate to all donations in lieu of flowers at his funeral are to go to AUK.

Grandad was a Gentleman and gentle man, I never heard him raise his voice and he was one of the few left of a generation that always had coffee at 11am and tea and cakes a 4pm all laid out with cups and saucers and a cloth on the table. He was frail but what do you expect at 93? He was able to toddle around the house with his walking stick (assuming he could remember where he put it) he even came out to see the adaptations to my house and made use of the lift! There is a very large grandad shaped hole in my life that I doubt I will ever fill, he worried a great deal about me and would inist things were set up in his house to make it as Bex friendly as possible when I went down each week to play bridge. He used to get so upset at the bruises on my arms from the many venflons and I think no-one was more releived when the port was put in than him.

Sorry I wibbled on. I am touched that bearing in mind he had a heart condition and a pacemaker it is AUK who will benefit, it is one last gesture to a grandaughter who he loved so very much.


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OH Bex, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Your Grandad sounded like a lovely man whom you loved dearly and he you, that love for you is clearly shown in his final gesture of supporting AUK and you. He's clearly going to leave a huge void in your life, but you were so lucky to have someone like him in your life, and plenty of memories to cherish.

hugs, chris


So sorry to hear of your loss beckie. As time goes on fond memories will fill the void your feeling at the moment... Gus


Thinking of you at your sad time ,sorry for your loss ,Like you my nan was my world

and now singing with the angles and in my heart always.

lots of love and hugs love Glynis xxxx



All i can say is my thoughts are with you at what must be a difficult time.




Bex, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you're going through as my grandad ment the world to me, actually still does as he's been living on in my memories for the last 12yrs.

He sounds as if he was a great man and I'm thinking of you at this difficult time.

Hugs Lydia


What a wonderful Grandad to have shared a life with. Your words made me think of mine. Like yours, he died incredibly quickly, at a great age.

Both gentlemen in the full sense of the word. Certain times to do certain things through the day. As much a part of the fabric of our lives as the smell of mint imperials and Condor tobacco from his room. I watch my granddaughter with her own granddad and think back the years.

I wish you many happy reminiscences,



Just a little thought, Bex.... please give yourself some extra care while you go through this painful time. Grief really impacts on asthma - or at least it did when I lost my Mum. The physical act of crying seems to unbalance a lot of people's breathing - as well as the additional feelings of stress and helplessness.

Treat yourself very gently for a while and remember that someone as close as your grandfather wants the best for you and would not want you to suffer for him. Hang on to the good memories.

Take care.



Hi bex

something that helped me through bervements is to write down all my happy memories of the person as i remeber them in a special book that you find put his name on the front and in years to come you will get that book out and read about him and the memories you have of him and smile and even cry a little and maybe even add more memories too it.

hope it helps you too.

One memory of my own grandad was in his last days he only knew me as flute girl so now everytime i am well enough and play my flute i remeber my grandads love to hear me play it. I think with you every time you play bridge from now on you will remeber your grandad.

Big hugs Plumie


Hello Bex,

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandad and thank you for sharing such personal thoughts with us.

My love & sympathy are with you at this time.

Say not in grief that he is no more,

but in thankfulness that he was.




Just wanted to say I am so so sorry to read of your loss. x


Dear Bex,

I was sorry to hear about your Grandad. Many thanks for sharing some of your lovely memories with us. I did'nt know either of my grandads but hearing about yours has for some reason given me comfort. He's left you( & us ) a legacy with the donation to AUK. We did the same when my mum died, as with your Grandad she felt very strongly about supporting AUK especially after my daughter died as a result of her asthma. Keep well Bex. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. God Bless. x x



Our thoughts are with you. So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself too. Your grandad sounds like he was a fantastic chap.



Thank you all for your kind words. I don't have a single bad memory of my Grandad it is a wonderful testament to the person he was that even dredging back nothing bad comes through.

I am keeping a very close eye on my asthma which has been affected, I have emailed my team at the RBH and have put my pred dose up in the hope I can fend off any problems. I am resting a great deal and also not pushing myself pain wise (intercostal muscles and internal bruising after new port was put in) as that can also impact on my asthma now is not the time for braving things out or pushing myself I am taking one day at a time. I am seeing my Mum, Aunty Mary and my wonderful little sister tomorrow after at appointment to scare my new GP (I bet he will be delighted I dropped by to introduce myself) and I am expecting it to be a tough day as it will be the 1st time I have seen them since Friday when they came and broke the news so I think I will stop and neb up before I get there and have my ""bag"" fully stocked and ready.

Once again thank you for your kind thoughts and words.



Bex - sending huge hugs. Your Grandad sounded an amazing man and he will always be for in that special place in your heart.

I hope that you will find the strength to get through this tough time(im sure you will as you are a fighter just as your Grandad was)

Thinking of you xxx.

Hope you didnt scare new GP too much!!


I'm really very sorry to hear of your loss. I've lost both of my grandads, one 10 years ago and the other on christmas eve 2 years ago which was very sudden and a complete shock. From what you've wrote your grandad sounded like a wonderful man and you havent lost him, he'll be in your heart and walking beside you every day :)


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