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Community Matrons

Whilst trying to organise all my supplies for the port, I ended up doing battle with a district nurse who was telling me some stuff you can't get on prescription you could if you asked your GP, at this point I bemoaned the lack of a community matron down here as I could really do with someone pulling the threads together for me. I really should not have to spend my afternoon looking for NHS order codes for blue bio-oclusive bungs!

So come on folks sing the praises of your community matron tell me what to expect!


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You want me to sing their praises - i do that with great pleasure mine is amazing :)

She sorts out and chases up costa appts and changes them if need be, she has been to GP got a script and got it made up and delivered it back to me, when i was in HDU on my b day i got a visit complete with a decent costa coffee. Together we have applied for and was awarded higher care and mobility DLA indefinitely,she is in the process of applying for continuing care(hospital at home)for me, i can ring/text /email her anytime during the week and if she is off 1 of her colleagues call me. When things are bad i get a daily visit (mon-fri)and she has arranged admissions for me. I get blood results before the GP can give them too me, sorts out repeat scripts when GP/receptionist thing them up . She has liaised with the , diabetes team,OT's and community physios and is in the process of sorting a full team meeting of my resp cons and nurse, cardiologist, cardiac nurse, diabetes con and nurse, orthopod, , psych, GP, OT and physio so they all sing from same song sheet and work together.

Finally she is a brilliant shoulder to cry on(one of a very few who can get to to open up)and i would guess now quite a good friend - i would be lost without her and probably dead(she got me help when i was suicidal before xmas)

I really hope that for many people community matrons appear very soon as they are FAB:)


Cheers Hops, I want one now!



I don't have a district nurse very often, just 2 practice nurses (who double up as my asthma nurses). i see these weekly and they look after me superbly and would not be here without them, they do a lot for me and probably more than they should do. They are there for me and help me with whatever I need and they have been looking after me for 18 months now and again like I said, I would not be here without them. I am a very stubborn patient and they make me see sense, I suppose, and if the GP don't get anywhere she knows that one of my nurses will.


Hi Bex, I would not have controlled asthma if it wasnt for my Community Long terms conditions person, i have a genetic condition as well as my asthma and many other long term conditions.

My Community Resp Nurse (doesnt like being called matron too old fashioned for her) is amazing i can contact her by phone on two different numbers any week day. Just to ask a question, or when i am feeling ill, she can help me know what to do. She gets me the correct prescriptions, she talks to my different consultants if need be, or to my GP. She gives me very valubale advise and is willing to come out and see me when i am unsure about something. She is so friendly and does not mind doiong her consultations in the garden. It is an amazing resource for the NHS and with out it i do not know where i would be.

HOpe you get one soon!


I have seen my Community Matron and she is fabulous, she was in total awe about how much I do for myself and that I had been attempting to find NHS order codes for the things I need. She is on the case and is already the prescription items have been ordered and the others should be ordered by the end of today. I can see she is going to be an absolute rock when I am home and it feels to good to able to hand something over to someone else.




im so glad you got a community matron they are truely fabulous people and are worth their weight in pure gold all of them!!! really special people!!! I dont have a community matron as such but i do have access to respiratory nurses in the community who are fantastic and my hospital respiratory nurse and i have my social worker and carers who all form a team that keep me at home as much as possible! I dont know how i would manage without the people who help me, it takes the strain out of remembering to order stuff or cancel things when your captured etc etc and elieviates the stress associated with the constant uncertainty of when the next admission will be and for how long etcetc!!

im sure that she will be a huge help to you and as you say a rock!!!

take care bex and thanks for the JCB - it worked - i escaped finally last night and was home for 8pm!! had a fab night in my own bed with no random old ladies wandering .... was pure bliss lol!!!

take care lv kat Xx


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