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OT and Physio review

One of the upshots of my marathon admisison is I am not going home until a full OT and physio audit has been done to see what they can do to improve things for me at home and getting out and about. I have always been a bit ""I can cope leave me alone"" before now. It seems to be about improving things and quality of life and giving me more energy for the fun things. So what can I expect?

The good news is someone has now mention planning to get me home :)


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hi bex so glad they're discussing gettin you out you must be really fed up! Had both a few times they're post of good if they see you struggling here and do ensure that you can do stuff even if you protest you can and cant really! So here's what happens here ...

Ot assessment. They will do a bathroom assessment and kitchen assessment. The bathroom assessment involves you getting into a bath or shower like you have at home. Aim - to see if a bath board over your bath would help you so you can sit and swing your legs over the bath rather than climb. Also allows you to sit in shower! -Very very worth having if you haven't already helped me a lot! The kitchen assessment is designed on a similar principle to assess whether you can make a simple meal ie beans on toast and a cup of tea. It sounds simple but can be difficult after a long admission! They also tell you ways you can reduce energy expenditure ie not walkin to fridge for milk then returnin then goin back to cup if you get me!? They may give you a perch stool for your kitchen so you can sit down and rest. After this they will see if you need the community teams if so they will do home visits...

Presumably they've already been to ward to assess you can wash and dress yourself and stand etc!?

Physio assessment.

They walked with a sats monitor on my finger till my sats dropped to 88 then sat me down with o2 recorded the time taken for sats to return to acceptable limits ie above 94! I had to record my breathlessness score 1-10 before and after recovery time. Repeated without o2 facilitated recovery timed how long taken for return of ok sats! Dont no if they'l do this or not they did with me as i struggle to maintain normal o2 sats when walking or standing etc. During a walk test they will see how well your walking and whether any walking aids would help you or not! They then do a stair assessment before you leave the ward too to ensure your safe gettin up and down the stairs. As long as you can get up to the top and down again reasonably ok then you will pass. YoU can stop for a break and a puff of ventolin so dont worry. Hope this helps and good luck with it! Let us no how it goes wont you?

Thinkin of you sleep well luv kat Xx


Physi audit for me also included training for relatives on active breathing,huffs and percussion,Safe handling of me ie how to get me up if fell and how to support me walking and going through all exercises to strengthen muscles.

You may also find yourself refered to the adult disability social services. They are the ones who here can actually get you the equpment like perching stool recommended by OT or at least thats how it works here.


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hiya bex Update on this as i had an ot assessment again today! They have as marmite said referred me to adult disability social services for equipment and to help with things like paying for cleaners or someone to do laundry. These are the direct payments you can get from your local council to fund the payment of services you need and you can be very involved in decidin who they are or not if you dont want to be! Also been referred to some social workers and nurses in community to help me out and about. Physio will also come to my house in community teams!! Doin my kitchen assessment in next few days but i scared the ot wit low sats today. She took my o2 off me for 5mins and then checked and they were 79-81 on air. Doc sed he's not keen on me goin anywhere yet and put me on o2 again! Only on 2 litres and sats now 94 which is grand! Im on an asthma ward here though so they wont treat me like a copd patient like the other hospital's wards do! I feel fab not actually felt this well in a long long time and deprarate to escape now still no im not my best but want to go and see how i go now at home! Nurse sed she is gonna sort some home o2 for me if its the same in a day or so though im considering that a very bad step... Surely thats a step up in treatment thats not good! I dont wanna be dependent on it. Any suggestions peeps? Xx



I have been with OT, Physio, Resp nurse, hospital discharge team and now the lastest addition is the adult social services and my only comment is you need your head screwed on as it is a total mine field and currently feel very lost in it all.

OT's hvae some fantastic equipment! I hvae somethings and it is so useful i love them and they have made my life so much easier.

Hope you get someone where and keep asking questions as you need to keep track of whats happening as they dont as you are a piece of paper or a case to them not a person.



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