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Service Call

I have got one of these little gadgets as since being ill last year I can't walk unaided, I often go and visit my Grandad or my Mum on my own on arrival they come and get me from the car, which is all well and good but I can't put fuel into the car. The local Tesco has a service call which I used for the 1st time the other day (obviously if there is someone in the car they get out and do it) tesco have pay at pump and I simply handed the woman my card and then gave her my pin so she could to the honours, it happens I know this woman and was OK about handing my card but what is supposed to happen? Should I forward plan and get enough cash out to pay for fuel or can they do some take it into the shop and do a signed for recipt?

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I don't have a service call thing but I have used my horn a couple of times at Sainsbury's as too breathless to fill up!

I just hooted and waved my Blue badge around !

When I came to pay, they took the card and I sighned the receip so no PIN disclosed. Perhaps you could ask to sign for it??



Some days filling my car up with petrol is my worst nightmare. I never knew you could ask them to help you. I have generally battled on and had to sit in car recovering for 5 minutes before setting off annoying people behind me. But i do have a disabled sticker on my car so i normally hope they see that and are considerate. I will remeber in future i can get them to help.


I hope it is ok to post a link service-call.net the gadget was about £15 and you point at the recieving device at the garage you see it flash 5 times and someone comes out to help you fill up. I did not bother when it was just my asthma but I am drunk rag doll on my feet and need either to be in my wheelchair or have someone helping to hold me up. I used to use pay at pump garages cos sometimes the kiosk seemed miles away.



Hi Bex,

my first thought was that garages etc providing the service call thing should have mobile card terminals (like they have in restaurants) that could be brought to you. From what I've been able to find it looks as though some do, but it is not widespread (H&S regulations, electronic devices, petrol vapours etc etc).

In looking this up I found these websites these that indicate you should ask them to give you a receipt to sign.



If I understand it rightly in lots of places you can still get a bit of paper to sign using a chip and PIN card, but an alternative is to ask your CC company for a chip and signature card.

Oh, and this is a link to a campaign on just this issue





I went into Lloyds TSB today and they have ordered me a signiture card which will work alongside my normal chip and pin one. Some shops won't take signiture only cards (although I have a feeling the DDA might cover this) so I need to hang on to my chip and pin card, I am so glad Lloyds TSB let me have both. If you do this you will need to go into the bank and ask, with Lloyds TSB it comes under exceptional circumstances the woman at the help desk did not think they could give both cards but bless her she went and checked and they found the bit that allows them to order a signiture card in exceptional circumstances they could clearly see this was exceptional and did it.



2nd card arrived today being rampantly paroniod I call LloydsTSB to make sure my chip and pin one will work along side the signing one and yes they will. Looks like I have sorted that one out, now to get the new wheelchair, WAV and there will be no stopping me.

Ps anyone going to motorbility show this weekend I am going to look at some WAV's so I have a better idea is right for me.

ps WAV= wheelchair aceesible vehicle


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