Sub Cut or any Glass Phial Carrying Case

Nintendo DSlite or DSi carry cases are perfect for carrying glass phials around. It will take about 6 5ml bricanyl phials and will even take (just) 10ml water for injection ones (I sometimes get glass and sometimes plastic water for injection). I have a nice Cath Kidstone one but they are really cheap and you can get a needles, alcohol wipe and a silloette in too. In the interest of experimentation I can get a 20ml syringe, 4 x 5ml bricanyl phials (lying down in the mesh bit), 2 needles, a alcohol type wipe and a silhoutte in one which is 24 hours worth of sub cut for most people.


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  • sounds better than me durapore taping ampoules into the box bit they came in!

    Thanks for the tip Bex

  • I brought the Cath Kidstone one for my DSlite and when I opened it I thought that looked perfect as a sub cut kit.

  • thank you Bex - that sounds like a really clever plan shall have to try this! Guess where I is going in the sales... Beats shoving syringes, needles and vials in my bag in a mess!

  • Always happy to pass on tips, a quick look on amazon shows them as £5 for the most basic and it gives you somewhere safe to store the empty phials. It was pure fluke I made the discovery.

    Seasons Greetings


  • Sounds like a good idea! I usually just throw them in my bag too, have had pulled out a few stray needles sometimes when looking for purse and the look I get from shop assistants is priceless.

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