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Swine Flu

This morning I got a text from my sons school (they use text to tell us important info like on the last day of term what day they go back or if the school is closed due to snow) saying a letter about Swine Flu had been put on the school website. I went and had a look and could find nothing so I called the school assuming they had a confirmed case and wanting to know if it was in Lower, Upper of 6th form because obviously I am in the high risk group and should start taking something if it is upper school and Josh to is in a high risk group so he would need to take something and probably stay away from school. Turns out it was a standard letter that Devon have asked all schools to put on their websites, talk about scare mongoring.

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I'm in Cornwall and we had this some time ago. They put it in the newsletter that we get home every Friday soon after the first cases. It is scaremongering in a way but I'm glad that they are keeping us informed. My daughters asthma is life threatening, her immune system is virtually non existant and she has very low pneumococcial antibodies, if she was to get swine flu it would be really bad news and to be honest it does concern me, we have just found out that there have been 10 confirmed cases in a school not far from us. At least I was given information about it straight away without having to then go and find out about it on a website. I would have been really worried about it if I had been given the information in the manor that you were given it.



It's reached leicester and the texts, emails and letters have started already.


My sons school has had 5 people with suspected swine flu off in the past week. 2 in his class. As we keep hearing it seems to be only mild in most people and the 4 deaths have been in people with 'underlying' health conditions should I be concerned about my son being in school? He is on Pred daily and his adrenals aren't working as well as they should be. He is also on IV Immunoglobulin 4 weekly but for Asthma and not for any deficiency.

He misses enough school when he is ill without me worrying and keeping him home when is well!

Any thoughts on the matter?


Koolkat, yes call your GP in the morning for advice.



Hey Koolcat, I would keep him off untill it is known weather they have it or not. Theres no point risking it, like Bex said praps phone the GP (or consultant) or get an appointmaent, and see what they say.

ally xx


Hello Koolcat

my son had flu 2 weeks ago and i have brittle asthma and bronchiestasis. We live in the midlands and theres alot of cases of swine flu. In our area there is a 'swine flu team' which gps can contact to obtain advice. Out of hours primary care drs also can do this so if you are concerned over the weekend, advice and treatment if needed can be sorted, you dont have to wait til monday. The swine flu team was set up by the health protection agency, and i got lots of help and advice from the doctors involved and nurses who come to your house to do swabs, check symptoms etc. They were all brilliant and understood my concerns about my lungs and flu.

Even though i had no symptoms i was given a lower preventive dose of tamiflu, which is taken for 10 days. Also advised to minimise contact with my son. But i became unwell anyway, he had been sneezing the day before. My dose of tamiflu was increased and i had my gp phoning to check up on me. Was told as soon as have any breathing probs go to A&E. But phone them up first to warn of swine flu. My asthma did start playing up and i went into hospital. Although i didnt feel well cos of high temp, it wasnt the worst asthma attack ive had, the drs sorted my lungs out quickly. I spent a few days in isolation on the resp ward, til my temp had gone down and they were happy that i had got over the worst. I think because i went to hospital alot sooner than i would normally, they were able to control my breathing probs.

Both my son and i first symptoms were sneezing and a temp, then a headache. So would prob be an idea to keep an eye on your childs temp over the weekend. If they have any symptoms ask for help straight away.

Both my son and i have recovered now, unlike flu that i had a few years ago, which lingered for a couple of weeks. Once the worst few days are over you feel ok. But that could be because of the tamiflu. Like all types of flu it does affect asthma but i think because for once in my life i was very sensible and got medical help straight away, im ok now.

Hope you dont need any of this advice and that your son is ok. Might be worth asking if he could have school work at home, if he does end up staying at home. We had two weeks of staying at home, waiting for swab results to come back. Only to be told that there has been so many that they werent able to do them. If my son was symptom free he can go back to school, they are no longer taking swabs here as there are to many cases.

All the best



Thankyou for the replys.

It seems all the advice has changed over the past week and they are nolonger giving prophalactic treatment. I called the out of hours GP service who usually return the call within the hour. I was told to expect some delay as they were experiencing high call rates. I eventually got a call back from a GP at 2.10am, 12 hours after I called them! I explained the sitution, said my son wasn't displaying any symptoms but had been in close contact with a number of people with Flu like symptoms. I said he takes regular pred and was asked what for! I replied his asthma and the doc was very suprised he took it daily. I think he thought I was confused.

Anyway, was told now there is nothing to be done unless he has symptoms, in which case I can call back or go to my GP for advice. I was told the delay delay was due to so many calls regarding swine flu.

Well hopefully my son will be ok and not come down with anything, it was just carry on as normal and if you catch it come see us!


new death

quote from bbc

""a patient in Essex has become the first in the uk without underlying health problems to ide of swine flu. the patient died earlier at basildon and thurrock universiyt hospital. NHS east of england said it would release no further details about the patient following a request by the family. two people in canvey island are being treated for a mild form of swine flu and the east of england has seen 14 casess overall, a spokeswomen said. ""

oh dear its heading my way now !



you're lucky it's only heading your way, it's either side of me.


To be honest I think its everywhere its just how local councils/PCTs play it.

We had the first case at my sons primary school this week but all the other local schools have had cases for a couple of weeks. I was very impressed with his form teacher who called me to let me know about the case as it is in my sons class and he has been given permission to stay off but he will still go in as there is no point in staying home as already exposed. Same with my 2 girls .

What does annoy me is people who are in perfect health panicking and saying they dont know how they will cope if they get ill ,have had to say a few times to different people to calm down even had one mum offer to buy me a mask!!!! get real!!!


That death was in my local hosp! I've been there twice this week eeeeek!


I am not worrying at all!

I can't have the usual seasonal flu jab, not had it for 10 + years since diagnosed with egg allergy. Not caught flu either since 1990.

I am just as at risk of getting both the seasonal flu and the swine flu.

I think the media have whipped up so much hype and panic over this.

At least in the UK we have access to good Free healthcare and good medication - Tamiflu.


I don't think we should really be worrying, A report today from medicalnews said that the virus spreads from humans to un-infected pigs in 3 days, nothing about the other way, makes me glad i'm not a pig, OK may eat like one :D


im not really worried just thought i would let you all no what i had heard !


swine flu

I was told yesterday that my 8 year old niece had swine flu last week when she attended a family party on saturday. She was very off colour as she didn't eat or drink and had a headache. Normally she is full off energy and very entertaining so we all noticed the difference in her that day.

Her dad was concerned and went to the GP on Monday and was told she had swine full. But no blood tests, no swabs taken only paracetomol given and she was allowed back to school. She is better now, however , I have brittle asthma and other relatives are dealing with cancer and we are taking steroids and we may have been exposed.

Also a premature baby with an infection may have also been exposed too. I told all the relevant parties to be vigilant or go to the doctor if they are concerned. I am having great difficulty getting

I was given the flu jab in the winter by my GP and had an asthma attack a few hours after. So I want to take proactive action. I have difficult to manage asthma so have to act fast its difficult to get it right sometimes. Your opinions will be very welcomed.

Thxs Gil


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