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Am I the only one who is struggling with the amount of text speak and wierd text that is appearing here. I am sure people have very useful things to say but as a dyslexic and an over 40 I often read the first line and have to give up as I can't make head or tail of what people are writing. I know you youngsters like the shortened text but spare a thought for us oldies who are utterly baffled by it.

Mny thx :)


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hi bex

Sorry hon think thats probably me. I do apologise im using my mobile whilst in hospital so i often forget that im not texting someone and so do often shorten things. I will do my best not to do this and any messages i posted u had to give up on i will go back and edit later this afternoon. I know how frustrating it can be as i too am dislexic and struggle to get some of the shorthand tho ive had my whole teenage yrs to get used to text shorthand. Again im sorry bare with me today - by tomorrow all the recent info posts on ot assessments and stuff ive posted will be in english promise! How you doing? Xx


Cheers kitKat you are not the only one and it is very tempting my kids drive me mad by using text speak on msn. It is frustrating when you know a post has good advice in it but reading it is nigh on impossible. Many thanks for taking the time to do it long hand and I hope you are released soon.



private message me if i revert back to old ways guys its hard to remember im using my mobile for the internet and not texting! That goes to anyone who is irritated or put off reading a post because i dont think. As i say im costafied at the moment so i have nothing really exciting to do anyway so writing things long hand isnt too much of a chore. The ot assessment posts are now edited :-) Xxx


hey, i often shorten words because i cannot spell them becuase i too am dyslexic, this is not me writing in text speak it is just how i write is this a problem as well? I normally do it with words like though and problem or probabley. In my posts i often will mix up words like know now and there their. Is this a problem?

Please let me know. I will try from now on to remeber to write all words out in full even if it means they end up being spelt wrong. sorry for making it hard for you to read. Plumie


Hello Plumie,

Genuine spelling and grammatical mistakes are fine, please don't worry about that.

Many people get there & their muddled up and I see it quite a lot on these boards! LOL!

Text speak is difficult to understand and was developed because you could only get 168 characters into a text message so people shortened words and used acronyms ... like LOL! (laugh out Loud)

I don't claim to be perfect either with miss spelt words.

If you use Google tool bars you can use their spell checker on message boards. I forget about this most of the time.



Personally,it takes me longer to text someone than to simply speak to them being old and senile as I am.


Thanks for bringing this up, Bex. I should point out that we ask you, in the terms and conditions, not to use text speak on the site - although I can understand if you do it accidentally when accessing the site on your mobile!

Plumie - don't fret; the odd shortened word, abbreviation, and general spelling/grammar problems are not a concern.


Speaking of which what does ""tigs"" mean I saw it used a couple of times and was completely baffled.


re tigs

Hi bex sorry again my phone is predictive text to help me with my spelling as i too am dislexic but sometimes usually when im tired i forget and type away. Tigs is the name of my cat but automatically comes up when i type 'this' with predictive text you have to search thro some words to get to the one you want another annoyance is that since ive typed hdu into my phone that now comes up first when i try and type the word get!

Again sorry guys please message me if you notice any wierdness in my posts and i will try and edit them its just whilst im using my mobile to access the site whilst costafied. Sorry and thank you all for your patience.

Thanks for spotting that bex. Hope your ok keep up the good progress and speak soon lv kat Xxx


LOL @ Kit-kat, you made me laugh when I read why and what tigs was. Thank you!


im glad i could make you laugh bex!! I blame my inability to spot stupid typo's on the lack of o2 :-)

He's a very beautiful stripy tabby cat who im sure is thinking ive abandoned him! :-( poor little mite!

Stupid predictive text !!! Xxxx


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