Is anyone else finding it harder and harder to get bed linen that will wash at 60 degrees thereby killing the House Dust Mites (HDM) I get really annoyed at the adverts telling us we can get our washing clean at under 40 degrees as it is but I have to pay a fortune for cotton bedding that will take a hot wash made worse because 4 out of the 6 of use need to hot wash our bed linen. I finally found a single duvet that can do a 60 degree wash but the shop only had one and it was a 4.5 tog fine for me I am always hot. My pillows simply get replaced every 6 months, it also needs to be fine weave so the HDM can't get in to the actual duvet. Its the covers that I have a problem with Josh would like something to go with is bedroom, Maddie wants purple to match her room. Anyone know of anywhere that does not charge a fortune for a single cover and pillow case?



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  • I confess regardless of what the bed linen actually says I hot wash at 90 degrees with no problems, with darker colours obviously the problem of fading and dyeing other things, but I just wash the dark items alone any way. Sorry couldn't be of further help.

  • Bex

    Can get cheap bedding from Primark and Matalin and B n M.

    There are things you can put in your wash so catch the dye and stop colours running and put in the same temp.Not tried them though. Argoss do some lovely bedding and Great offers.

    love Glynis xxxx

  • The problem with cheap bedding is usually not a very fine weave which allows bugs and their poo through. You really need something with a very fine weave and that is normall expensive.

  • Hi, I've used the linen from allersafe.co.uk. They do sheets, pillow cases and quilts but not the quilt covers so not perfect but might be useful...


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