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Fractured sternum and rib!!

I had a crashing fall on a horse on sunday and we both hit the road together. The horse reared up and went over backwards and fell over with me still on it. This has resulted in me sustaining a fractured stermum and rib. It is very painful and I am doing my best to take my inhalers but struggling so was wondering if anyone has any advice! Also was a little bit wheezy and had tight chest last night but pain was immense I really dont want to have a full blown asthma attack while I am so sore. Any suggestions.?

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If you can take Ibuprofen take it reguallary... if you cant just carry on with the painkillers by the book dont leave it until you are in pain to take them!

Lots of rest dont do any exercise or any kind of physicla thing that can be avoided

Lots of warm showers the hot air should open your airways... or sit in the bathroom when someone else is having a bath etc!

Take preventer and other meds like your told to

Relax dont panic the injury itself wont start an attack will just make it more painful if you do


Aw. Sorry to hear you're going through that. When I have a bad attack I have trouble taking inhalers too. I just try to always use a spacer, and to take my time. Sometimes I also breath in through the spacer twice to make sure I got all the medicine. If it were me I would also take my reliever for a few days just to give my preventer a little extra help as it sounds like it hard to breath all the way in and hopefully that would help both prevent a little more and make sure you're airways are more receptive to what's getting in.



Hi heidiho, last year I fractured my sternum so know exactly how u feel. Ibuprofen was my saving grace and I'm lucky I can tolerate it as i know some asthmatics can't. As for taking inhalers I had mine through a spacer coz it was too much trying to take a deep breath so several shallower breaths through a spacer did the trick. Hope u feel better soon and take it easy

Smithy x


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