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Heidiho Here with news on my costa trip atter my car crash!!!

I am back and safe still got pins and needles sensation in arms and legs but they said cos I have sprained the muscles in back and shoulder and I have got whiplash. The good old chest and breathing took a bit of nosedive last night so ended up having a few nebs while I was there and have been givin a course of pred but really HATE takin the stuff.

Just in a lot of pain now so I have got to rest got to take a few days off work 1 cos of pain and 2 cos car is a little bit squashed!! Unfortunately the crash is going thru as my fault cos I crossed the other drivers path even tho he was speeding and didn't even stop (IDIOT BOY RACER) sorry if that applies to anyone on here.

Well i suppose I should go for a lie down cos I am in agony sat here.

Chat soon all, and thanks to those who shouted at me last nite in chat and made me go costa!!!!

Love heidi

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I am glad you are ok and I hope you are feeling better soon. How is you chest?




hey heidi,

Good job you went to costa else you'd of had me to deal with and believe me you wouldn't of wanted that last night! Bex no sarcastic comments thankyou :-p I hope your not in too much pain huni and make sure you get plenty of rest.

tks xxxxxx


Are you really scary then tks. Glad I not had yto answer to you then and that I was a good girl and went to costa.

DD my chest is not too great but doing a lot better than the rest of my body at the minute so that is an added bonus I suppose.

Right I am off for a lie down

Chat to you all later.

Love heidi


Heidi, I am glad you are OK. Cars can be replced you can't!

TKS as if I would be sarky :)




Take care Heidi. Hope u feel better soon. Howz work going by the way?

Em xx


Hope you are resting sorry you had crash always a shock you take care prescribe plenty of nice goodies to treat yourself.



Hugs Heidi (((((Huggles)))))

Suffered whiplash and back injury after a crash a few yrs back!

Boy to I remember the pain :(

Rest up hun and take care!

Wheezer aka Donna



Glad u walked away from it ok and hope that the pain gets better soon.

Just imagine how much ""idiot boy racers"" have 2 pay on their car insurance, lol!


Shadowcat xxx


Hi Heidi

So pleased you are ok, was worried last night. Take care and get loads of rest.


((((((((heidi)))))))))) so sorry to hear about the car crash! Glad you ok(ish) tho, as it's been said, car's can be replaced, people can't!

take care of yourself and get plenty of rest



sending gentle hugs ((())). Hope that you are feeling a little better today. I Can recomend wheat bag for whiplash for your neck. I found it helped a little for my last lot of whiplash


mouse x x x


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