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I know there are a few people on here who use BIPAP or CPAP, and i was wndering what your experiences of the masks are? Do you use a full face mask, or just nasal and what kind?

I am currently using the respironics full face mask, however i have recently noticed that the bottom of the mask is pushing against my bottom teeth snd they have moved quite noticeably, being pushed back and making them more crooked. I dont know if there is something i can do to stop this or if i should phone up RBH for a different mask?

Any advice gratefully received

Many Thanks



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When used during acute phases in hpital i prefer the full mask but for my CPAP at home overnight i have the respironics nasal gel, its so comfortuble and not as chlostrauphobic plus you can have a drink without removing using a straw. Remember its being used for your beneift so your entitled to what suits you best so i suggest you go back and explain n try the nasal one.

Andrea xx


hiya i use resmed mirage quatro full face mask at night esp if im not too great but sometimes if im feeling well and my stas are holding good and during the day if i need it i use the nasal gell cushion 1 on my BIPAP hope thid helps. what are you using BIPAP for if you dont mind is it the atshma. i have a rare lung disease caused by a auttoimune disease called wegner's granulomatosis that was mis dx'ed as brittle asthma.

ayesha xxxxx


Hi i have tried all sorts of masks since starting cpap,2 yrs ago. mainly due to what you are experiencing and also, leaking problems,and comfort

i now have the Swift II Nasal Pillow System which i have used for over a year it has been really good, as long as your pressure is not 20 or above this was the best one i tried.


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