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I am really looking for a bit of advice, I am sudying for a Pharmacy degree at uni (when I'm well enough to make it in), uni are aware of the fact I have brittle asthma, but I was recently talking to my tutor and he mentioned whether I would be fit to practice at the end of my degree. It is a 4 year degree, then followed by a pre-reg year. After you have done this you can apply to the Royal Pharmaceutical society to become a qualified pharmacist and are then able to practice. Part of the registration process is that you have to sign a form saying you are physically and mentally fit to practice. I know there are a few doctors on here, I don't know if you or any one else has to go through a similar process and how I should approach this. I would hate to think I do the degree and then not be able to practice, can they stop me? Will have brittle asthma stop me being able to practice?

Thanks in advnce

Libby x

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hi libby

Im a biomedical scientist and did a four year course followed by a pre reg year. After which my health has again got worse and my attendence at work has not been very good. I was assured by the health professions council - who regulates us not sure if its the same for pharmacy or not! But i was assured if i felt i was fit to practice ie had maintained my knowledge could prove competency in all aspects of my job which is complex and had not been off work for 2 years solid then i was still ok.

If your unsure check it out with your regulatory body which i think may also be the HPC. I hope this helps you libby. I had addison's disease and brittle asthma on my medical form when i applied for membership as you have to get a dr to sign saying your fit to work. Obviously if you experience significant symptoms that are uncontrolled all the time that would prevent you from attending any job this will not be signed as its the equivalent of a gp signing you back to work after a period of illness.

If i can help you further libby then feel free to message me. Good luck lv kat Xxxx


hey libby,

i am sorry that your being put in this position and i am sorry that i cant reallys hed much light on this, but i am in a similar situation as a 1st year physio, i recentky had 6 weeks off due to asthma, and was told that i may not have enough hours needed by HPC to qualify for safe practice and that i will have to be careful, obviously uni is aware of my situation but i am still not sure what is going to happen or will happen during my study or at the end...

i hope things get sorted

katie x


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