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Royal Brompton Hospital


I know I don't post on here much, but a few days ago I was transferred from chelsea and westminster hospital, where ive been for 2 weeks following a flare up (im a brittle asthmatic), they dont no wat to do with me so have sent me here for tests and help. Im dependabt on all the usual meds, plus sub cut oxygen and BIPAP. I have been put under proff polski (sp?) and was wondering if anyone elsen is under him or wat others experiences of the brokmpton is, i know its a national centre so is leading in its field, but thats it, from my stay so far on foulis ward it seems really nice, its the first hosp i know of that has laptops to borrow!

Any input gratefully received



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HI Libby

RBH is great spent 6 weeks on foulis ward 2 years ago, having been in and out of local costa with them not knowing what to do with me,

I'm sure you will have loads of tests as they put it 'being detective' to find out allthe facts and treat you as best as possible.

I don't know the name you mentioned, I was under Prof Durham and then moved to DR Wilson as Bronchiectasis and raer lung disiese took over the asthma, asthma now quite well behaved.

Been quite well recently but RBH provide good back up

best of luck


ps. nice littl pub around the corner when you are allowed out!


I've got nothing but praise for RBH. Have gone from being on 90mg pred and 4hourly nebs to 9mg pred and no nebs at all all because found out i have some really wierd allergies and not brittle asthma.

You will be put through every test you could think of and then some more be asked all sorts of questions go through every emotion you can think of but at the end you will have a clearer idea of whats going on. A lot of people find out they don't even have asthma at all but something else!

Be patient and forget everything you've been told you have before as they basicallly assume nothing and start from scratch again!

Good Luck



My 76 year old Aunt is under the Brompton and she is really fit and health even though she was Asthma. She has nothing but praise for the place.



thanks for all your replies, so far everyone seems really nice as i said before and i really do feel like im finally somewhere where they understand. But your right about the tests they sure do put u through it, today has been a day of painful blood gases, more of them and ct scans! just when you think they might be finished they come round with a listr of more tests they want to do, but to be honest if it can help me i dont mind im at my wits ends.

Thanks once again.



p.s thanks for the tip about the pub!!


HI Libby

Hope things are going well, just be reassured they are taking you seirously, getting at the facts and the test wont last forever.

If you are allowed walk abouts there is little M&S, - out the front door onto fulham rd turn left walk up and its on your left, perhaps 10min at steady pace rather than a quick 5min walk!

good luck



RBH is one of the WORLD CLASS HOSPITALS which I've been attending as both out and in patient over the last 7 years. I don't think I would still be alive if not for the expertise at the RBH.

It was a Consultant based at the RBH who spotted a potentially fatal heart condition, early enough for very successful surgery, before it got too serious.


royal brompton hospital


I'm new to asthma uk. i had asthma all my life and now 20 years old and in the past 3 years its got worse and had to go to hospital many time from having attacks.

I was just wondering if anyone can help me by explaining what the Royal Brompton Hospital is and if it would benefit me.




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