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Is any in Brompton next week?

Am due for a planned admission next week, Tuesday in fact under the difficult asthma protocol and wondered if anyone was in there at the moment or due to be in there then? Would be nice to link some familiar names with faces!!! Also if anyone is in there and still likely to be in there then let me know if you need anything!!! Sure I can bring some chocolate or something that might me able to make things a little more bearable!!

Am a little wary of things and have just had to get another course of antibiotics so hanging on by my fingers nails. Every day I get through without heading costa direction is a bonus at the moment!!

Hope everyone is staying as well as poss.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Big hugs - Foxy xx

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Am coming to out patients 10.30 wed will you still be in? If so where will have hubby too but he is quite well trained! Can not promoise chocolate but would be nice to meet



Yep am due to be in Lind Ward until Fri, not sure what the schedule is for the week but if you want to pop in and say Hi that would be lovely. Hope your app goes OK.

Foxy xx

PS I was offering to take the chocolate to anyone that was in there already, not the other way round! I don't do dairy so probably wouldn't be the best for me anyway!


Hello from RBH!

I'm still in on Foulis Ward and will be here for sure now next week. Didn't know if I would be but doctor came late this afternoon and verified I'm not getting out next week are even possibly the week after.

Feel free to pop in and see me I'm in room 25 and I'm always about unless I'm at tests etc. Hope to see you both seen.

Tks aka Rach xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Foxy TKM will definitely try to pop in just depends on timing as hubby has a meeting pm and would like to get back if possible. Foxy was not bringing chocolate as I am also allergic. Hope to see you wed




HI there

I'm coming in to see Dr Roti, (part of Proff Durham's team) on wed 9.30 on 4th floor, not sure what ward that is? only been on 3rd floor Foulis!

coming in for penicllin allergy tests. will pop in to say hello if it suits anyone? do you wnat anything bringing in?

been home 3 weeks now and got pred down to 10mg today,

also back at RBH in 2 weeks 12th apr to see DR. Wilson

take care

Sarah aka Parys xx


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