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sub cut pump

hi im andrea bradshaws mum, andrea unfortunatly lost he battle with asthma in july last year. we have a almost new recently serviced pump for sub cut infusions, it is very easy to use and comes with its own syringes that can be easily reordered and were paidfor by our trust. the pump cost us£800 new aprox 2 years ago. if anyone can use thispump to help them cope better we are willing to give it away for no charge ill await your replies

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Hello, welcome and thank you for your kind offer. We were all sorry to hear about Andrea, she was always willing to offer advice and support even when going though tough times herself. I know I miss her posts.

I have a Royal Brompton Brick (as we now call the pumps) however, I know of a brittle asthmatic who would find the chrono pump ideal. She does come on these boards but is often in hospital so she does not post much. I will ask her and I will see if the local PCT will fund the syringes.

Love and hugs


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