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Please has anyone any ideas, when at home if up all night can usually get a few hours late morning or in the day but lately am struggling to get any? Im not hetting to sleep tilll 5 or 6 am then an awke at 8. I am so tired now its untrue and affecting my mentally and physically. I find my minds racing alot more even though prod and theopth at same doses? i feel so tired and eyes drooping ut as soon as head hits the pillow im wide awake? I cant have sleeoing tabs with chest although in desperation did the other week but never again? cons siad for a reason and now know why!!!! take kalms so didnt knw if to try there night one or if anyone knows if nytol are ok for us and if thye work?

I have tried relaxation cds baths etc, cant do lavender as sets chest off and too much milk?

Any advice would be welcomed.


love Andrea xxx

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Hi Andrea

I am a newbe here, and also have so much trouble sleeping on the combination of Theoph and Pred. On it I lie awake till five in the morning, fall asleep, only to wake up again two hours later. Wired but tired.

I have also found that even though the doses don't change, I find that there are sometimes changes in the way I feel. I did wonder if the Theoph level changes if you change your diet or perhaps add other medicines, or perhaps if you are ill. I really can't pin point it, but something does seem to change.

I have dropped the pred today, - I am on and off it like a yo yo.

How did you do last night and really hoping you manage to get some sleep tonight




Hope you are managing to get sleep while you can.

I remember reading on the nytol packet that it shouldn't be taken by people with breathing problems having said that they are just made of the old antihistamine that makes you drowsy. I was told by a pharmacist not to take them while on pred and antibiotics but don't know if he was being cautious. I once took one whilst on pred to knock me out because I was having suicidal thoughts and they were unbearable!

They do leave you feeling groggy the next day and they don't work after a few nights. I end up taking 2 one a night nytol on rare occasions.

The only thing I've found for me is having a rigid routine which I stick to, having a familiar routine seems to make me sleepy. I don't often have the energy for a bath so its usually to do with tidying up, taking sandie out, getting in my jamas, brushing my teeth etc.



have found it makes a lot of difference to me if I leave the heating set on low

am not too bad though, at sleeping, unless I have a cough, in which case I just make a coffee.


Still not asleep!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I know that feeling. No sleep nothing on TV, Nebd and all drged up and even done a little cleaning. I just wish pf would pick up.





hi, i have found that the occasional night nurse pill has worked wonders ,even calmed my coughing down.wouldnt advice to take to often but when things get out of control where your getting so down about it, its the best thing.1 decent nights sleep makes all the difference. hope you feel better soon.


Andrea have you ever discused taking your pred at a different time of day. I know you are always told to take it am to mimick your bodies production of cortisol. I have horrendus probs sleeping anytime but even more so whilst on pred thankfully am not on all the time. One of my cons suggested i could take it at 3am and i found it really helped. Check with your cons mine was a very old school quite maverick but i have asked other cons inbetween and they have agreed to me taking it. Doping it this way meant i did get a few more hours sleep.

i hate that absolutely shattered feeling then head hits pillow and brain wakes! i have been known to be making cards all night when i can sleep. hope you get help soon or ask referral to papworth sleep study they may have ideas.


Thanks Lou, have been looking into ref to papworth as had overnight oximetry 3yrs ago that showed sleep ap but as gases were ok at time coz left alone hoping would get off pred amd loose some weight and it would go, but now gases are derranged and things alot worse. He cant do anything at regional cantre as out of area? even though papworth take out of area? dont have sleep studies at local anyway and am fed up waiting to here from hosp we refer to?

Have taken pred at split times before and no difference but am gonna try your 3am suggetion, that will also help with teatime high sugars.

Was so frustrated the other night took two piriton but still did nothing, doesnt help that the longer it goes on the more frustrated you get so that keeps you awake too!!

Me too make alot of my cards at night, this past week have done all my easter one even wrote and envelopes stamped!! and mothers day ones and birthdays till june!!

Oh well off too count stars again!!

love Andrea xxx


Well am still sat here as you can see from the time!! the only good thing is was awake to take pred at 3am to see?


Crikey, you poor things. I can't imagine how hard it must be not to sleep. Thankfully I am normally so shattered at the end of the day that all I need to do is have a bath or shower put on a DVD and within about 10 minutes I am snoring and farting like a baby (family expression). I wake up at 4am for a neb and usally find the DVD cycling though the menu not good for my carbon footprint but not sleeping would be not be good for me so every now and again I offset my extra carbon usage. I do put off going to bed until I know I am ready to sleep and I nap during the day most days as well.

A freind who does not sleep well has one of those little water features in her bedroom she swears that the gentle rippling of the water lulls her off to sleep and if she forgets to turn it on she can't get off to sleep. I think it would have me running to loo, but it might be worth a try.



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