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I have come to see that there must be exceptions to the rules off parking in disabled bays without a blue badge!

Did you know you can also park in them if;

you are just nipping in for one item

if you are returning a product

if you hav a child or baby

if your over 60

if you are using the cash point

if you are waiting for someone else whose in the shop!!

the list goes on any more anyone?

its so annoying when people like us that value that small bit of independance of walking short distances cant do so? because of peaples ignorance, i wish it was more infored like double yellow lines? there quick to penalise you for using blue badge if your not in the car thus abusing blue badge but not if you dont use one altoghther?

Disabled bays are a necessity not a privalidge.

Any views?

Andrea xx

ps dont get me started on m and s car parks with pensioners that think they are the only ones entitled to blue bagdes? why a youngster needs one!! arghhhhhhhh

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Gosh, Andrea, how illuminating. The things you never knew, eh? ;)

Have noticed a few funny looks from people when I have been with my friend, who has a blue badge for her asthma. People think as she can walk into the shops etc then she doesn't need it. They don't seem to grasp the concept that she can *only* manage to walk to the shop *because* she parks that close.



you live and learn. maybe they have a new version of the highway code out andrea or maybe we just haven't read it properly!


Here is a few more:

You have a very nice car that you don't want to get scratched and/or you think because you have a nice car you rule the world and can park where you like.

You've borrowed your Grannies badge because although you are doing your weekly shop for yourself and she is not there you are getting her a can of baked beans.

Don't you also love the people that swear at you when they are parking in your space and you are waving a blue badge at them and they get out of their car and sprint into the shop?!

I've never been questioned when I've used a disabled parking bay but usually they think my guide dog is my mum's even when I'm holding the handle! doh! I bet it is worse with asthma, people expect you to have some visible way of being disabled like a stick or a wheelchair, a dog or a cane. They can't quite grasp the concept of being young and also having a disability that is sometimes invisible.

People don't seem to grasp the concept that its a necessity, before I got my badge my mum was forever dragging me across car parks and we found it difficult to get the dog in and out the car safely but now we can park in the accessible bay it's much easier. Although I do find that some people who take me out don't like using the bays because they feel that I shouldn't be parking in them as I'm not disabled enough??! I'm entitled to a badge and it makes things much easier for my sighted guide so I don't see why I'm any less disabled than Mr or Mrs Don't Want to scratch my nice car.

I also hate the people who sit in priority seats on the tram and when Sandie puts her head in their lap they stroke her and then continue to read the paper! Get up you silly people! Its worse when my asthma is bad because I am coughing and short of breath and I have no sense of balance still!

Beth - Gets off soap box and sighs.


just a quick question i apploes for a blue badge as asthma has got worse often meaning i cant walk far - no supprise!.

I was asked to see and occupational therapist at the local council who asked many questions and got me to move around (mobility) stuff, as well as that GP signed form saying i should have one as well as an attached letter from cons.

The letter came .... and i was refused a blue badge, they said although my condition was bad it was not severe enough. How much more worse do they want me to be. On the day of seeing occupational therpaist i couldnt walk 10 yards with out becoming wheezy and v sob - how much proof does she need?

Mum is appealing against it, as we have one for my grandad ( who is blind) and mum wont use it for unless he is with us as she dosent want to abuse it.

Any advice would be nice !!

BTW - did you know an occupational therapist can over ruke a GP's decision on somenones medical condition - so i was told by the council!



can soon check that for you katielou as have a cousin who is an OT. sounds odd to me though .


Katielou, have you been to citizens advice? they are fab any help for benefits and services they know what needs to go on the form and where? Not one persons opinion should over rule another they should all be taken into consideration

Andrea xx


thanks, mum used to work for citizens advice .. so i guess she knows what she is doing. She is going to appeal ... so we will see

Apparently if you get a disability allowence you can get the blue badge so mum is applying for that but i dont think i will qualify and i dunno if i want it in omly 17!!

thanks katie xx


Only if you get the high rate DLA mobility element. Yes it is available to children aswell as adults.



Good luck with the appeals process and applying for DLA.

Remember if you get either of them you don't have to tell anyone you have them, especially DLA. Blue badges are really helpful for when you are unwell so definitely worth it. On better days you might not feel you need to use it, you don't have to and can save it for days when you really need it.



Here you go people. I printed this out and made a bumber sticker (well back window one) on my aunts laser colour printer so the ink won't run if the back window gets steamed up. I have it in in a word document if anyone wants it emailed (all done in blue back ground with white lettering) or if you PM your address I will send you one, its only on card you will have to work out how to stick it in yourself but sellotape works!




Hi Wheezyab

I see your point I don't have a blue badge but, i sometimes I do park in disabled bays at Asda because I was in there one day and was not to well having just got out of hospital a couple of days previously.

One of the assistants asked if I was ok and briefly explained what was going on and she then went on to inform me that even if I don't have a blue badge to feel free to park in a disabled bay so long as its after lunchtime, because I have a chronic illness and can give proof, i.e neb hanging off shoulder there would be no probs if I want to park there.

I have done it a couple of times and I have to say I feel very uncomfortable with the whole idea but it has certainly helped.



Bex, I love your bumper sticker! It made me laugh :oD


bex, I like it!

Andrea - another one for your list.

'I'm visiting my Girlfriend!' was the explanation the bloke who had parked in my parking place at home ( I have a designated disabled place outside my flat - took two years of council battle to get!) told me this evening - I was polite to him about it though . I had popped one of my remiders on his winscreen too!




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