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lack of understanding

I feel that people including are nearest and dearest try all they might dont fully understand the implications are illness has on are day to day lives. I think this has been mentioned before but it is excellent in putting across in lay terms how day to day living affects us. Please read and show your family. I have emailed it to cons!! i think all medical staff should read it.

Love Andrea xxx

Its and its the spoon theory

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Thanks Andrea for posting this, I've seen it before and thought I'd bookmarked it but then couldn't find it when I wanted to!

It really does sum up the effects of having a chronic illness, and that it's not just about not being able to breath but about a daily lack of energy, weakness, poor sleep etc. Some of my friends and family tend to think that if I am not in hospital I must be alright, they find it hard to understand that if I do something like go out or cook a meal one day, I will be exhausted the next day :-(

Sometimes I find the exhaustion and weakness more limiting and frustrating than the shortness of breath, does anyone else feel like this?

Em H


Yep Em i feel that way too, regards family and friends i found understood better when they had read the spoon theory it really does sum things up.

I bought 2 t shirts of their site in the nite!! one says "" sick and tired if being sick and tired"" the other "" fragile handle with care"" i think they sum me up quite nice, pitty they dont have one saying ""please dont wind me up, irritate me or let me near the fridge im on pred!!""

Love Andrea xxx


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