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Starting Work


I have not posted on here for quite a while. I graduated this summer and on 1st October will be moving to Oxfordshire (from Liverpool) to start a full time job. I have found myself a new GP and sent the registration documents off and my consultant at home is contacting someone down there on my behalf. I have not yet told my new boss about the severity of my asthma as I did not want to this at interview and did not feel it appropriate to do it by phone or email. Does anyone have any advice about how best to approach this? I am also worried about the amount of time off I may need and meeting new people as I find this akward especially with subcut. I know people can not discriminate by law but some advice would be much appreciated.



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I have done in the past exactly as you have done, i did not say anything and within six weeks was in hospital and gained the sack because i had not told them of my asthma at the time of applying. i do not want to scare you but you really should be honest from the point of application and tell them from the start. As you have not i would say dont until you get ill then ask to see occupational health for an assessment, in some respects i do believe it is better for them to get to know you without them knowing but it is up to you. Or maybe ask for a meeting with your boss on day one and ask to be referred to occupational help then and make sure you register with a union fast so that they support you should your workplace decide to be nasty.

Let me know how you get on, i have been through this from a few angles.

Love Plumie

P.S well done on getting your first job and hope i have not scared you!


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