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hystoscopy can i cope

Has any one had this procedure with an epidural. They wont give me a general because of severe asthma. I have two pumps running sub cut as Hickman got infected. and I am frightened they will stop or alter medicine as it is being done in a different hospital to the one I normally frequent, also my consultant is on holiday on the actual day of op. Big decision any help please

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Do you mean Hysteroscopy? A scope put into your womb?

I have had several pelvic procedures under epidural. Because of my asthma. I dont have sub cuts etc. But the anaestist was constantly checking my heart and lungs druing the procedure. If you tell them about your pumps they will keep an eye on evrything for oyu.

Please let us know how you get on.


I had a laporascopy last June and because I have very low blood pressure that was monitored through out


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