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Throat infections and inhalers

Does any1 find when they're ill with a sore throat...

that it is more difficult to take ur inhaler, cos it makes ur

throat hurt worse and it forces u just to automatically cough as soon as u take it.

Does any1 know of a good method around this?

Coz I been evading my inhalers wen I need em this week

coz my throat won't let me.

I dunno if any of this makes sense - rather tired and feverish.

Shadowcat xxx

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Hi shadowcat

I had exactly the same problem at the beginning of the year and found that taking my inhaler when my throat was really saw made me gag so I stopped taking it for 4 days which was really stupid as I ended up in hospital having an attack. The way round it is using a spacer if you have that type of inhaler if you have a powder inhaler then go see your doc as I was on symbicort and that was what I couldn't take so they put me on seretide and gave me a spacer which did work. Hope this helps



Thanks...I think u mean ur sore throat was CAUSED by ur inhaler -

so they had to change it.

I meant that I have a sore throat from a cold...and so ANY inhalers at all

are difficult to take cos they will make me have more coughing fits until the cold/sore throat disappears.

Shadowcat xxx

ps: I'm on seretide with a spacer too :-)


Hi. I didn't mean my inhalers caused my sore throat I had the flu which gave me a bad throat and that is why I couldn't take my inhaler. I found that the spacer helped when my throat was bad coz it then wasn't sticking to my throat!



Makes more sense now :-)

I tried using the spacer with my ventolin -

still made me cough like - but not half as bad a s wen I was not.


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