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Lemons and Asthma???

Whilst sat in hospital (again) yesterday a nurse told me that she had managed to get control of her asthma (and is now off theophylline) by eating two lemons a day cutting out coffee/tea and only drinking hot water and lemon.

I'm a bit skeptical but as my asthma is so poorly controlled at the minute i'm curious.

Has anyone else tried this or heard of it before? Did it work? Are you supposed to eat the whole lemon or just drink the juice?

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Aren't we all a weird lot!

Marmite- read your story and just had to reply!

Weirdly, I crave lemons and limes. But even the scent of an orange will set me off big time. So what is it about them all then?

I had a wonderful recipe given to me a few months back for a whisky and lime cough medicine. Can't say it cured my asthma but I was so numbed by the whisky, I didn't notice the coughing LOL!

Some Medical bods have advised me in the past to steer well clear of anything citrus with asthma like mine, but I am a firm believer in your body craving what it needs, hence I add lemon juice to all salads, veggies, and especially meats like roast chicken. Can't say my asthma is any better for it, but I do just adore the scent and flavour, and am a big Margarita drinker, as many of my old friends on these boards know, and yes, I eat the limes raw afterwards, so maybe, just maybe that nurse you saw yesterday had hit on something possibly curative ????

And, being on Amino hence giving up coffee and tea, I do drink lemon in hot water, so refreshing, especially in the heat of the sun.

PS- I love Marmite by the way, and am positively addicted to Marmite rice cakes!

Sus xx


I just have to ask, what is marmite?? I have seen it mentioned on here a few times but have no idea what it is.

With regards to the lemon theory, I have never heard that, but I am curious now.

Take care,



Marmite and lemons


Marmite is a savoury yeast paste, - primary raw ingredient is brewers yeast - suitable for vegetarians, but which also contains a high amount of the vitamin B group. It can be spread on bread, toast, used in gravies etc and has a highly distinctive taste. You either love it or hate it!

It’s made in Burton upon Trent – home of the UK brewing industry – where the remains of the fermented hops are sold on to the Marmite factory to make Marmite.

I live approx ten miles away from this place and, occasionally, when the wind is in the right direction I can smell that very distinctive flavour!

As for the lemon theory I too have a craving for the citrus fruits. I love the smell of all citrus fruits, especially lemons. I believe those citrus type smells help to clear the nasal passages. I often cut lemons in half and leave them out in the kitchen, bathroom etc. So there must be something in the theory.



Aussie's call it Vegemite....

Excellent knowledge of Marmite there, Mia!

I guess I would have ignorantly just called it Vegemite, UK style, but I know when I have tasted Vegemite, same principle, but totally different flavour!

So here is that recipe for Lime cough syrup- can be made with lemons too.

Juice and pulp from 6 limes or lemons

2 Tbsps Soft brown sugar

Half cup whisky

Half cup water

Heat, stir, mix the citrus pulp, water and sugar and add whisky once the sugar has dissolved.

If you want it really smooth like a linctus, blend or liquidise it at the end, if you want it runnier, add more whisky!!

Take 2 tsps 3 times a day, or to quell a coughing fit.

Best advice is to feign lots of coughing fits so you get to take more legitimately, hic!

If yours, like my 1st batch, turns out really thick, eat it on bread or toast like a marmalade, but don't have it for b'fast and then drive to work, as you may be over the limit!

Don't these old fashioned remedies just bring a smile to your face!


Sus xx



I find lemons are one of my biggest triggers as are most citrus fruits. And my GP, who is also asthmatc, says his ONLY trigger is lime juice. Bizarre. I guess the phrase One Mans Meat Is Another Mans Poison is true!

Stay well everyone.

Much love, Fluffy. x


Eurgh. Marmite. Yuck. Asthma attack in a jar. Horrible. Nasty. *shudders*

I'm okay with lemons - I am a bit perplexed with the medical reasoning for it. Maybe the vitamin C or something? Like Sus, just the scent of an orange spells trouble for me!


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